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Hey guys! As many of you know, I’m a doctor– not a chef. But as a physician one of the top questions I ask my patients is, what are you eating every day? What you put into your body can directly impact your overall health. When you’re ordering food all the time you have no control over what ingredients are used, and that’s why cooking at home can be your best option. Meal prep services are super popular because they lay it all out for you and make it easy to create meals from your own kitchen.

So if you’re wondering what is a healthy recipe or want a meal subscription review you have come to the right place!

If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you’d like for me to watch. Love you all!

– Doctor Mike Varshavski

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48 Responses

  1. MINJI KANG says:

    With no sarcasm you're just flawless
    Unbelievable 🙂

  2. Iron Druid says:

    Haven't had the opportunity to get a checkup in years so I hope you notice this question. To a lesser extent now than before I've noticed a problem where if I stand still for more than a few moments my inner knees get this prickly feeling and for longer durations like a shower or standing for church music I get these red and purple blotchy colors spreading across the area and a slight light headedness. I'm very flat footed and have assumed that to be the cause, should I be worried even though it seems to be getting better? I'm talking about a 5 year timespan btw.

  3. When will your next Q&A be ?

  4. Do you have someone that edits your videos? How are you a doctor and have such great quality videos lol when would you ever sleep?

  5. HI DOCTOR MIKE! I HAVE A QUESTION, PLEASE ANSWER< When i get my period, there is usually brown stuff when it starts and sometimes when it ends, im not sure if its something wrong or something but please tell me if its normal. THNKS I LOVE YOURE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. lordjenn A says:

    Omg the first two screams were too funny LOL 😂😂😂

  7. Omg you're awful! :))) You tried/try at least :))

  8. Payel Das says:

    Did it taste like the picture, doc? XD

  9. Dylan Clark says:

    The sound effects are on point

  10. i adore you..but you in the kitchen makes me nervous lol …we need to cook together…..ill help…a damp rag under the cutting board, your knife was flexing like bending when you smooshed the garlic lol .you may have pressed to hard , and use a towel with the cast iron skillet handle and the knife sharpening…oh vey lol you!

  11. Lol..this was fun to watch 😂😂…

  12. Kei Nicole says:

    I see a "M" cup for "Mike" and a "J" cup for… ? 🤔☺️

  13. ooft blue apron be getting aroundddd – first the vlog squad now Dr. Mike.

  14. J345 D says:

    There are many food that people watching their intake of fat have no idea is really high in fat. Eg, croissants. Seeing the ingredients list in a recipe made me not want to make or eat it.

  15. oh this was quite entertaining, I dont claim to be a chef or the best cook ever but i'd be more than happy to give you some cooking tips lol unfortunately due to a lot of things going on in my life I do eat out quite often but its mostly salads due to the diet i've been on so I'm always aware of where to go to get the best healthy food. and ive lost 40lbs in like 3 1/2 months

  16. Dave Kos says:

    Please take off your shirt while cooking! 🤪

  17. Cyndil Davis says:

    Actually really impressed with your knife skills!


  19. Tabi Turtle says:

    This was so cute!!!! I probably would mess it up but I’m t looks so good!!!👌🏼🤤

  20. Kiah Sands says:

    Sooo do we get to see more videos with the puppers?? I feel like this is a serious medical question.

  21. Nurse Oli says:

    i can't cook and it makes me sad…i'm trying though! i know how to make a chicken hummus wrap and creamy avocado greek yogurt chicken salad but that's all lol

  22. Ethan Cha says:

    I don't know why I thought the thumbnail said "cook meth" lol

  23. Hui Hui says:

    you put your apartment number online by accident man. gotta be careful there

  24. Can u react to "This is Gospel" plz???

  25. rachna tomar says:

    I watch every videos of you..You are an inspiration Not only a good doctor also a fitness geek, a good youtuber, and i think a good masterchef..
    I followed you from very first video ..
    You changed my thinking n life alot..
    Thank you mike..

  26. Jo M says:

    Okay someone tell me about YouTube
    Do you have to watch the entire video so it’s a view?
    What happens if you fast forward?
    Should you watch the adds?
    Do you need to be signed in for it to count as a view?

  27. Any foods to gain weight healthily or a diet to follow.

  28. Hello Dr.Mike!! i love your videos!
    I am suffering severe eczema flare ups.I have been born with it, but it was never this bad. I wanted to ask if something in my diet agrivaties it. Thank you!!💜💜

  29. WH Ash says:

    Who film you???

  30. syaz firah says:

    Watched this right after i came home and this is just extra funny😂 fans from Brunei💕

  31. knocknockify says:

    I’ve met a patient while I was a phlebotomist who swore up and down to her nurse that she eats “no salt.” And in the middle of the blood draw, her family members came in with bags of Chinese takeout food for her, with eggs rolls and all.
    It really baffles me why people don’t know that salt is in everything you eat that you didn’t cook yourself from fresh ingredients

  32. Let this be a series, please. LMAO

  33. Janae Whyte says:

    I'm pretty sure the proper term for the peas is blanching. But that was cute😏

  34. RM Aquatics says:

    I just watch these videos to hear and watch him talk.
    My doctor is a 60 something year old woman.

  35. Amy Woolard says:

    You wanna know what I can cook? 2 minute noodles #wifematerial

  36. nurul adibah says:

    who is the lucky Mrs J?

  37. You should gently lay the chicken down away from yourself. It avoids any hot oil splattering onto you.

  38. All Mike's videos are just advertisements now… he's the very definition of a sellout.

  39. Mouna Miller says:

    Half of the food fell on the floor lol make sure you put your cutting board a little far from the edge of your counter.

  40. Omg it’s like midnight and I’m hungry now

  41. Laurie says:

    Closed Captioning said "shocking the penis" LOL!!!!!! Please do more cooking videos! 🙂

  42. 2 watches, so fashion forward. I'm terrified to cook with you in a navy shirt in a submarine kitchen with those Friday the 13 knives, I'll pass on this occasion!

  43. Whos the J cup for? Making all the Mrs Mike's out there worry 😉
    P.s Im happily married. However, I understand as you are good looking 😉

  44. I'm really enjoying every video that you're making, Im smilling all throughout this video. Hi, Dr. Mike 🙂

  45. this guy wears two watches

  46. So I take it you’re not on Keto yet 😏

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