No-Bake Granola Berry Pie

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36 Responses

  1. Why does it look like there is a second bottom crust at the end when it's sliced 🤔 trickery

  2. but where are the bananas?

  3. A breakfast food for pie lovers. Now what about cookie lovers? 🤔

  4. Ponuru says:

    This is gnarly and disgusting.

  5. great dish for pie lovers ,i like the taste of berries in it .yummy

  6. Music Coke says:

    David where you at?

  7. PocketPixel says:

    Do you guys mind making more gluten free recipes because my sister is allergic and we need some ideas

  8. Harika G says:

    Can we use butter instead of coconut oil

  9. seriously I'm gonna make this when no one else is home and eat it all myself X3

  10. On the road to 10MILLION SUBS !!

  11. Brenna Light says:

    Obviously this is supposed to be vegan. So instead of using nasty corn starch, use 100% vegan gelatin. It’s made from fruits as veggies and works just as well as regular gelatin.

  12. Where’s the ‘Oh Yes’ at the end?

  13. Laura Evans says:

    Why not just mash the berries to release the pectin? You wouldn’t have to use a cornstarch slurry then.

  14. Ellen Chan says:

    Omg that looks so refreshing

  15. Lidia Bob says:

    Only if I could make it in the same amount of time as the video did🤕

  16. Could you add a bit of gelatin to make those filling more solid?

  17. whenever they add cornstarch and water i always think it will make a gooey slime because that's what happens when you mix those 2 together. btw SOOOOOOOOO YUMMMMMY

  18. Freya Scott says:

    Is that fucking windows 95 sounds in the background?

  19. Feels like this would be really sweet and tart. Amusingly for Tasty, this is one of the cases where cream cheese would actually make sense.

  20. Jack Fruth says:

    Gelatin would prob work better if you eat that

  21. What's with all the coconut oil? It's 90% saturated fat and raises LDL. That is higher butter and even lard.

  22. HeyI'mSam says:

    wait…is this considered healthy? 🤔

  23. Tamika Jones says:

    Nope. Lost me at coconut oil.

  24. Adriana Cruz says:


  25. The berries looks like they were melting. Gelatin should’ve been used. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  26. biasfjgc yz says:

    Raw vegan guilt free and healthy except white sugar.

  27. So…you just make granola into a crumbly crust then make a basic jam for the center? I’m sure it tastes fine but definitely could be better texture and proportions wise.

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