Large family meals…breakfast for dinner

Hello, I hope your day has been going well. In today’s video I am sharing a little snippet of our weekend monday and tuesday fun. I hope you enjoy and are blessed.
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Items I use all the time:

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30 Responses

  1. Love your channel, ur an amazing cook and mommy 💙

  2. Cleo Taylor says:

    Next time you have watermelon, save the juice to make popsicles. They are amazing.

  3. Yvonne Poe says:

    You need to bottle that energy, kids looked like they really enjoyed the slip and slide, Going to the lake seems like a lot of fun, loved that when we were kids, my Grand parents took us a lot when we went to there house, we love to look for aggets , then when I had my daughter we would go and she loved it, and then she had kids and we would all, learn some thing new, never seen any one cut up french toast with scissors before, great idea when you have so many.

  4. If you place a wet dish cloth under your green plastic chopping board it won't slide around while chopping or slicing ..

  5. Shana Foss says:

    You should try a wet paper towel or towel under your cutting board to avoid it sliding around

  6. Your an encouraging mom. I found my new way to cut up my kids French toast, pancake, and waffles. I never would of though of scissors looks much faster and easier. Have a great week!

  7. Frozen grapes are a great snack! I just realized I haven't done that in a while.

  8. Yum! We had breakfast for dinner last night 🙂

  9. This is plainly out of curiosity, but why do you grind your meats (lunch meat, bacon, etc.)?

  10. Au Teacher says:

    Have y’all been to Sliding Rock?

  11. This is what I did for my youth at my church years ago in my backyard. Fun, fun, fun. Memories.

  12. Liz Smith says:

    Looks like a day of fun! Love ya guys!

  13. Keeping Home says:

    Yum. Love breakfast for dinner. Will you do any videos on how you plan homeschooling for current year? Will you still use Jonathan Park for science?

  14. Mrs. M says:

    So, was the slip and slide just a tarp, dish soap and water from a hose? It looked like great fun; thanks fo sharing!

  15. I had that Mediterranean pizza today and I loved it! I love your channel! We're only a family of 3 but I am obsessed with your videos lol I watched your cinnamon roll video the other day and I plan to make them soon!

  16. I was exhausted watching you make all those omelets! You are amazing!! I would have just done scrambled eggs or something. I bet your family appreciates your efforts. 🙂

  17. jean massey says:

    You need to take new photos of your kiddos for your intro. Your girls have grown into lovely little ladies.

  18. My kids love breakfast for dinner 🙂 they’ve never had frozen grapes though, I had them when I was younger though and they were tasty frozen! How was your pizza?

  19. loved the slip and slide 💖We need to try it with a tarp….. we also love breakfast for dinner

  20. I really enjoy watching your videos. One suggestion, when chopping and your chopping "board" is sliding maybe use a wet paper towel under. Anne Burrell (hope I spelled her name correctly) showed this on her cooking show and I have had great success since.

  21. gail jones says:

    I could never compete with you. It makes me feel inadequate as a woman and mom. I know these are my feelings though! I love your channel so much
    Thank you for all you do! 💞🦋💕

  22. do you wash your veggies and mushrooms b4 you cook them? if not why

  23. Have you ever thought about making an egg casserole instead of omelettes? You could make 2, one with meat and cheese and the other with meat, cheese, and veg. It would be so quick!

  24. Omelettes look so scrummy!! I could just eat them now. I take inspiration from your cooking. Bet your family love your meals x

  25. Hi, you've aimed your home economics course at young girls, as a mum to boys and girls would you not just aim it at children or is your parenting style aimed at steering them in the direction of traditional gender roles?

  26. Deep Bleu says:

    I think the show “1000 ways to die” ruined slip n slides for me 😦
    My future kids will not be using them LOL

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