Here are some of my favourite healthy things to cook, including a vegan curry, Dirty Veggie chilli fries Salad and quiiiick salmon!
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30 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to try these!
    Use a spoon or fork when opening cans to protect your nails!!!!

  2. Literally have my slow cooker on, making the vegan curry! Thank you so much for this video Helen! 💙

  3. franalibi says:

    These dishes look sooooo good 🤤🤤

  4. I can’t wait to go out and do a grocery shop now! Thank you for the recipes; absolute life and timesaver. ❤️

  5. Lee Hellam says:

    More of these videos please Helen! This was ace xx

  6. Lee Hellam says:

    Oh I just read further down and some of the comments, well…..If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!

  7. Nadja HB says:

    Thank you so much for all this amazing inspo Helen! x

  8. Ciara Grant says:

    Yes love grilled peppers! I'm not so keen on raw peppers in salad. Must check out those rubs as well.

  9. Zoe Bell says:

    Been in such a rut with what to eat recently and been waiting for you to mention how to make that vegan curry. Love this video

  10. Lu Kubin says:

    THOSE. PORTION. SIZES. ARE. NOT. BIG. to all of those complaining! I HATE how some viewers are making others feel guilty for their portion size? Do you see what she is cooking? This is not meant to be a weight-loss diet whateverthefuck video but rather show you what she cooks a nutritious and balanced meal. And in my eyes as long as it is balanced she can eat whatever the fuck and how much ever the fuck she pleases.
    I can only imagine some reading these comments and looking at their plates like „oh… so this is too much food oh ok“ this is not cool!
    Great Video Helen! Thanks for giving us those tips ❤️

  11. RedLadyBug says:

    I’m obsessed with sweet potato x

  12. I’ve been looking for those green veg medley bags for ages! I used to buy the Birdseye ones, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. Asda ftw 👍🏻

  13. Yum yum yum. Thanks for these Helen! Been looking for new dinner ideas. I am obsessed with making iced coffee at the mo too but I add in some oat cream or oat milk which makes it SO creamy 😍

  14. Funkypinkone says:

    Hi sweetie Great vid!
    Acrylic nail hack: Use a teaspoon to pop under the tins with the easy pull rings et viola! x

  15. Funkypinkone says:

    Also fat free plain quark is the best sour cream alternative ever.

  16. Jette Oppelt says:

    Omg I love that you made veggie meals as well 🙊 yummy

  17. Tinyb00ts says:

    Helen don't know how you cope with all the egits out there!! Those lot would hate to see my portions haha. Don't know why people have to take everything so serious of course these meals are healthy. Keep doing what you're doing 🙂

  18. I cannot believe people would comment on someone’s portion sizes. When you make healthy choices and eat a very vegetable heavy diet … like Helen has demonstrated, you can afford to eat more. If my body is telling me I’m hungry then I’m hungry. Surely it’s better for you to eat a lot of whole foods and meat/dairy alternatives than a massive pile of chilli cheese fries. I think Helen has shown a super accessible and relatable way to make subtle changes to your meals so you still get to eat what you enjoy without making too many sacrifices.

    Also commenting on people’s portion sizes can be super damaging and causes people to develop eating disorders so literally stfu okay bai

  19. Ive always wanted a slow cooker or a grill but always thought that as a vegetarian it wouldnt be super useful as I thought they work best with actual meat and never thought about using it for non meat stuff (probably sounds obvious to most people but you know, im an idiot)
    This makes me want to look into these recipes and other recipes that wull make getting a slow cooker amd a grill worth it now. Thanks Helen!

  20. Love videos like this ❤️❤️

  21. This is so helpful because all I keep eating is chicken and cabbage lmao and girl it has me feeling like Charlie buckets mum making cabbage soup. I don’t even like curry but you got me wanting to try making yours

  22. mel kitchen says:

    Thanks looking forward to trying these,have wrote them down in my recipe book 🙂

  23. Anni2802 says:

    Perfect timing Helen! Just have no inspiration on what to cook recently. Would love to see more cooking videos from you in the future ☺️

  24. That slow cooker curry is making me so hungry 😍😍😍😭

  25. Alisha Carey says:

    Yummmmmmmmm 😍 gonna have to try all of these!

  26. ivana says:

    PLEASE GO VEGAN. you would be benefitting not only yourself but also the environment and those innocent animals.
    you love lola, you'd never eat her so why eat other animals?

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