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finger sandwiches recipe | tea sandwiches | party mini sandwiches with detailed photo and video recipe. a simple and attractive, mini size sandwich recipe, targeted mainly for occasions and parties. moreover, because of the mini size, it can also be served with evening tea and also for surprise can be prepared with myriad stuffing which include both veggies and meat, but this recipe is made with veggies.

finger sandwiches recipe | tea sandwiches | party mini sandwiches with step by step photo and video recipe. sandwich recipes are very common and easy breakfast option for many households. it can be made with a variety of bread with numerous stuffing ranging from meat-based to vegetable based or combination of both. finger sandwiches recipe is one such mini sandwiches made with the purpose of finger snacks.


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  1. Can do without Mayonnaise

  2. Wow ! Healthy,easy to make & yummy sandwich. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really Nice and testy …..

  4. Kavya Seth says:

    Loved it. ..😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Kajal.A.P C says:


  6. Simple and great starter for kids party. Will try it soon.. Thanks Archana… 😍 😍

  7. Seema Sharma says:

    Mam plz Show mixed Partha recipe 😊

  8. The Rock says:

    👌👌so delicious recipe 👌👌

  9. Looks so good. Kids will definitely love it.

  10. Amazing recipe 😘
    is mayonise gud for health??

  11. Y ur not cmg Infront f camera?? Ur subscribers r waiting to meet u dear! Plz introduce urself.

  12. Akshu patel says:

    soo nice am soo happy

  13. Thanks for sharing.I will try

  14. Thanks for the easy nd quick recipe

  15. Meher Baker says:

    I make similar sandwiches but without butter to cut down more fat. The mayo mix is quite creamy.

  16. Ravi Jumani says:

    Too Simple. Too Healthy…..

  17. Nice recipe,mayaness andre anu

  18. Suggest some jain rcipies

  19. Naiya Shah says:

    Superb ma'am…plz make some jain recipes plzzz…

  20. Suprrrrr👌👌👌👌

  21. 🌷🌷🌷🌷awesome

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