Left Over Rice Recipes -1- கிள்ளு-மீதமான சாதத்தில் சுவையான ஸ்நாக்ஸ்| Snacks From Left Over Rice

Hi friends in this Video i share about the Preparation of Tasty , Crispy Evening Snacks which is prepared from Left Over Rice & Which can be prepared Quickly & Easily Too .Try this & have a Wonderful Evening


Left Over Rice – 1/2 Cup (100 g)
Idli Batter – As needed (Nearly 1/2 Cup)
Big Onion – 1/2 No
Green Chili – As needed
Curry leaves – 2 Springs
Asafoetida – 1/2 Tsp
Salt – To taste

Easy to Make, Happy to Eat

Thank You


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39 Responses

  1. Lakshmi guru says:

    Nalla idea . super akka

  2. jai bhavani says:

    நல்ல பலகாரம்,oil இழுக்குமா அக்கா

  3. Shamili T says:

    Super sis…..super

  4. Super pa very very simple dish really fentastic thank u so much

  5. Yummy super dish _by Vidhya

  6. Akila mam superb useful dish… Neenga cooking la research panni kandupidicha receipe ah idhu?? Idhuvara ipdi oru receipe kelvi patadhe illa..
    Really fantastic nd excellent thought 👍👌👌👏👏😃

  7. Durga Gopi says:

    Super sis 👌 yummy

  8. arya priya says:

    Yummy tempting simply superb sis

  9. Super sis…. Very nice mam… Nan dosa mau la seiva sis…appadi oruvadi try panni parunga super ra irukkum sis….

  10. Vembu Vembu says:

    Really fantastic mam

  11. Really Fantastic dish akila thanku for sharing

  12. நீங்க கரகர முறுமுறு ஸ்நாக்ஸ் சொல்லும்போதே நாக்கு ஊறுது சிஸ்டர்…எனக்கு நொறுக்கு தீனி ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும்…கிள்ளு சும்மா டக்கரா இருக்கு சிஸ்டர்! நீங்க பல்பு தாத்தா எடிசனையே மிஞ்சிடீங்க..என்னவொரு அருமையான கண்டுபிடிப்பு!

  13. Abi's Recipe says:

    Nice n interesting aka

  14. San Geetha says:

    sema idea mam super

  15. Nalla irruku maa.
    Please mail me to [email protected]gmail.com.
    You told to send my email. Therefore I have sent. Please respond mam!

  16. SS Kitchen says:

    Super recipe sis.. Kandipa try panni parkanum..

  17. gugha priya says:

    Pudhusu pudhusa epdi dhan kandu pidikkareengalo? Anyway mouthwatering snack 👍👍👍

  18. kani reva says:

    Instead of green chilly Wat to add mam

  19. Hariabi Abi says:

    Simply superb 👌

  20. Priya Bala says:

    Super Mam. thanks for sharing.I will try.

  21. Super mam. Very nice receipe

  22. nithya says:

    Excellent snacks mam and very good idea too

  23. geetha seenu says:

    good name i like it very much

  24. 👌👌👌.. Amazing mam…new way to make from left over rice😊

  25. slang,voice , receipe ellam super

  26. abi shekar says:

    It will absorb more oil no sister, no need to add maidava

  27. Super Akka 👍👍👍
    Good Ideas Akka 💛💚💙💜💖💗

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