Microwave Cooking Challenge Indian Meal Recipes | Mood, Food & Motherhood | MFM

Microwave Cooking Challenge Indian Meal Recipes | How to cook Indian meals in Microwave | Mood Food & Motherhood | MFM

Time Stamp:
Upma in Microwave, Omelet in microwave,
Lunch: 3.15
Badami paneer, Lobia, Black eyed bean curry, Tomato and Mint Pulao
Snack: 11.05
Mug Dhokla in microwave,
Tea in Microwave : 13.21
Dinner: 14.02
Chicken Keema pulao

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3 Responses

  1. The recipes r really good and healthy too , I think we all can give it a try

  2. Anwesha Das says:

    The food looks delicious and healthy.. would definitely try it. Never thought of using microwave like that before😊

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