Pasiparuppu Recipes – 3in1 | Vadai| Veg.Oothappam|Masala Dhokla| Breakfast|Kids Snack|Dinner Recipe

Preparation for breakfast, lunch, school snack, after school snack, dinner requires lot of planning and time. Busy parents find it difficult to manage all these requirements. Planning and execution becomes even more difficult when we have family members of different age groups.

The older people at home require steamed and less oil recipes while youngsters look for tasty recipes and teenagers and mid aged people look for diet

Work gets multiplied for the housewife. So here is a simple method to cater to people of all ages groups. One batter can be prepared and the requirements of all can be catered to with a little customisation.

So here we have 3 in 1 moong dhal or Pasiparuppu Recipes. Pasiparuppu or moong dhal is rich in so.ple protein that is beneficial for the body. Growing kids get their share of protein very easily from moongdal. It is rich in fibre. It is ideal for people of all ages. It helps to relieve constipation and cools the body. This dal requires only 30 minutes of soaking. So it can be done very quickly.

Ingredients and method:

Moong dhal- 1 cup
Raw rice – 1 tblsp

Soak moong dhal and raw rice separately for 30 min. Wash well, drain and set aside. To a mixer grinder add the dal and rice along with

Finely chopped green chillies – 2
Finely chopped curry leaves – a few
Salt – as required
Ginger garlic paste – 1 tsp

And grind to a coarse paste without water. Divide the batter to 3 parts.

*First recipe : Pasiparuppu oothappam

Add water to one part and bring it to dosa batter consistency. Add 2 pinches of cumin seeds, finely chopped vegetables of your choice.

Heat a dosa pan. Drizzle oil. Make small oothappam. This is similar to the pesarattu done with whole moongdhal in Andra. Drizzle some more oil. Cook and flip. You can make shapes like Mickey mouse oothappam, flower oothappam, star, sun, moon according to your kids interest.
Use pepper for eyes, coriander, curry leaf stems for whiskers, carrots, capsicum for other features. Creativity has no limit. So any design can be done.

*Second recipe – vadai or pagoda

Heat oil in a kadai. Wet your hands and take a small portion of batter from the second portion. Either make it into vada by flattening or pinch the batter and add to oil as pakodas. Fry all sides till golden brown and crisp.

THIRD recipe : Dhokla

Grease a plate and make a medium thick layer of the batter like a Adai. Steam cook it for 10 min. Cool and cut into small pieces of desired shapes. Heat a pan. Add 1 tsp oil. To it add the following :

A pinch of
Urad dhal
Gram dhal
Garam masala
Red chilli powder
Curry leaves a few
Finely chopped vegetables
Salt as required

Saute well till the vegetables are cooked well. You can add any vegetable of your choice. Now add the cut pieces and mix well. Switch off. Squeeze half a lemon for a tangy taste.
Alternatively you can saute the cut pieces alone and add salad vegetables after removing from stove for a Dhokla salad. Bonus for dieters.☺

Healthy cooking. Happy living.

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