3 in 1 easy mutton recipe in TAMIL | Madurai salna | mutton sukka varuval | kari dosa

Hi friends,

Please enjoy this 3 in 1 easy mutton recipe you can make it in no time.This is so called smart cooking. All these mutton recipe are very popular in madurai.

Mutton salna /curry goes with parotta,mutton sukka varuval is a wonderful side dish. Mutton kari dosa is a new recipe to Madurai never tasted it when I was a kid.

Make this as your weekend meal hope you will enjoy it.


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41 Responses

  1. Anand E.V says:

    Hi akka iam new subscriber for your Channel. Iam Chennai. I like your vlog.

  2. Mouth watering on seeing ka!!! Gonna try tis….

  3. Everything was super dear like dish, your dressing, and your kitchen….. Only one suggestion explain everything in normal manner….. Yours was like little, very little over acting…. Don't take it bad…. It's my suggestion…

  4. Akka. .naa correct ah guess pannen.. hehehe.. also paratha pichu pichu pottu adhula same gravy, onion and egg pottu cothu cothu nu cothidingaa… Solumbothe vaai oorudhu… Mm try panunga namma kothu parotaa..

  5. Comments la photo attach Pana mudila..epidi photo ungaluku anupanum nu sollunga Akka… Also please do kids healthy evening snacks video… love from Shobana😍😘

  6. Super Sis… Unga dress sema akka.. College padikra ponu mari irukinga …😍😍

  7. Kaaviya S says:

    super 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🤗😘

  8. Super priya …Neega soldrathe mouthwatering ah eruku.yummy recipe….

  9. delicious.3 in 1 idea is very nice

  10. Hi Priya, Yummy 🤤 Enjoy.

  11. latha latha says:

    Hi sissy koncham veg receipe podunga…

  12. Vl try and let u know how it turns.looks yummy😄

  13. Suriya Lenin says:

    Super recipe sister pakkave supera iruku unga dress look nice 😊😍🤗

  14. Niffy Sumi says:

    Yummy akka . very easy 3 mutton receipes.nanum try panran.

  15. ainul ekkin says:

    wow!!!! so yummy sister

  16. Madurai to USA unga life journey pathi solunga akka 🙂🙂🙂

  17. latha latha says:

    U looking very beautiful sis👌👍where is adharsh..😍

  18. Tks priya.. very positive person and share idly idly and sambar recipe,especially down south idly is famous I guess…like to do a aunthentic south idly…Happy cooking 👍🏼

  19. Your looking so cute and your recipe yummy yummy 😋😋😋😋😚😚😚unga tops super. Parota salna very nice. Mutton curry paagave super sister. Neega daily video potuga sister. Neega Tamil and English alaga pesuriga sister mathurai vanthal solluga sister nam viewars ellam meet panalam. Next video la chicken recipe potuga sister. 🌷🌷🌷🌷

  20. Hi sister ur looking very homely in chudidar…… Cute sissy….. Lovely

  21. Ammu 170692 says:

    Intha Video pakum podu enaku sapidanum pola irruku 😀😀

  22. Hi Priyameena
    U r vlog is very very good. Small request and suggestion for u to making good and interesting vlog.
    Can u explain ur struggle before u got anything when u come to USA first time. Because it’s useful for all people who r interested to come to USA. Its my wish. Expecting new vlog soon.

  23. Hi Mam ,, thanks for ur information Mam .. I'm not doing exercise regularly , I could not able to control my diet too .. Religious ahh follow panna mudiyala Mam .. I'm working as a teacher .. Loads n lots of stress .. Now a days teaching line is horrible 🙆🤦💆

  24. Akka unga samayal ellame sooper asathitinga ponga

  25. Kailasam R says:

    Super குக்கிங் ரெசிபி யும் கொஞ்சம் போடுங்க இன்ட்ரஸ்ட் இருக்கு

  26. M S says:

    Hi Priya I would like to try your mutton chukka and curry dosai in my home😋😋,it was a nice step by step cooking demo, but extra virgin olive oil is mostly suitable for salads and cold cooking bcas of it's low heating point so people who are in India could use Mara chekku/cold pressed groundnut oil or sesame oil for cooking which IAM using for my everyday cooking.

  27. maria antony says:

    akka…for sukka varuval instead of dosa pan shall we do it in fry pan ???

  28. Tiz sunday i m going to try

  29. supervb sis and pudhina chutney recipe upload pannunga .

  30. gita siva says:

    nan veg pa.but ur salna i ve prepared for my hubby.he said so nice.now v r at nagercoil but our nativ is near madurai dear..
    u slang gives those memories of my school ..days..dear👌👍

  31. Giya Parveen says:

    Super dear..looking so tasty nd yummy..Even i dont like mutton bt it seems good…Im ur type of parotta eater sis…

  32. Why can't u add English subtitles..I don't know ur language..I wanna learn this badly 😫😭😭😭

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