Simple Cauliflower Crust Panini Recipe + Science

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Simple Cauliflower Crust Panini Recipe + Science – Thomas DeLauer

Everyone is showing you a keto pizza recipe, but it’s time to spice it up a little bit differently. Let’s do something along the lines of a sandwich. Quite honestly, when you’re on keto, it’s one of those things that you crave. You can only have a lettuce wrap for so long before it starts to get a little bit old. In this video, I want to break down a caprese panini, something that you can have on a ketogenic lifestyle or even if you’re just living a healthy lifestyle and you want to watch your carbs for a little bit.

I have some basic ingredients here I’m going to lay out for you ahead of time. I’m going to show you how to make this super, super simple recipe that you can share with all your friends.

I’ve got some cauliflower crust pizza that I have from our friends over at Cali’flour Foods. This pizza crust is awesome. It doesn’t matter whether you’re keto or not. This stuff just makes life so easy. No grains. No wheat. No gluten. None of that stuff. You’re just dealing with good old fashioned cauliflower that’s going to give you all kinds of hormone-boosting powers and also make it so that you’re not having to deal with those carbs.

Then I have some already cooked chicken. When you’re doing any kind of panini, you want to make sure the chicken is already cooked. Then I also have some avocado oil which I’ll get to the science of in just a second. Got a little bit of balsamic vinegar, some basil and some goat cheese which is the star of the show here so I’m going to show you a little bit more about what I mean with that.

Let’s get down to how to this. I’ve gone ahead and I’ve plugged in a simple panini press. In this case, I’m just using a George Foreman grill. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. I picked this up at Target for like 20 bucks.

When we use the Cali’flour Pizza Crust, you want to let them defrost a little bit first so they’re going to be frozen when you first pull them out the freezer and then you’re going to want to let them sit for maybe 10, 15 minutes so it’ll be a little bit softer because what we’re going to do here is we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to cut this in half right out the gate. They cut super, super easy.

Now I actually did want to say this. Those of you that watch my channel, you know that Cali’flour sponsors this channel, but we have something super, super cool going on. Cali’flour Foods has actually launched a keto stack. It’s a stack of their keto crust, a stack of their Cali’flour crust pizzas. Now, this is super cool because I actually partnered up with them and wrote a keto guide that goes along with it. That’s what we’re doing in this video. It’s a special for that is because I wrote a PDF that explains some of the commonly asked questions surrounding the world of ketosis so we’re offering up alongside this Cali’flour Pizza Crust that you can get not only the food, but you can get the information that’s going to help you utilize the food better.

Now we’ve already gone and cut this in half. I just want to make sure we don’t crumble it up. We’re going to start with laying down some chicken. Nothing fancy at all. Just going to layer this however we need to.

I’m going to actually cut this in quarters to make it a little bit easier later on. This way I’ll just grill one at a time. Drizzling a little bit of balsamic on here. Now you don’t need much because it’s going to make a sloppy mess when you put it on the grill. But the reason I’m using the balsamic is outside of just the taste is I actually want the acetic acid out of it.

You hear me talking about apple cider vinegar all the time. There’s two benefits to apple cider vinegar. One is of course the mother, but the other one is the acetic acid. Believe it or not you can get the acetic acid from balsamic as well and that acetic acid is going to help regulate your blood sugar. Whether you’re on a keto diet or not, you want to be modulating that blood sugar. Adding a little bit of acid to the foods that you eat is really, really good for driving down the glycemic index, the glycemic load of whatever food you’re consuming. That also just gives the chicken a little bit of flavor.

The next thing I want to do I’m going to sprinkle a little bit of dried basil on here. The reason I’m doing that is simply because it’s going to get a little bit more of the concentrated components of basil that I want. Fresh basil tastes awesome on a panini though so you definitely want to make sure that whenever you’re doing any kind of caprese, you either go with some kind of dehydrated basil or you go with the big, bushy leaves that are going to give you more of a flavor.


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50 Responses

  1. Mark West says:

    What the FUCK? The Cauliflower Crusts have MILK in them!!! They have NON-ORGANIC, corn fed, pumped up on hormones Mozzarella cheese/milk in them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love that you tell us the science behind why should be eating what we are eating… You make eating Keto worth it!

  3. Nick Sestan says:

    Hey Thomas could you make a video on how exercise depletes muscle glycogen? When do you know if you don’t have any left stored ?

  4. Thomas thanks for your vlog

  5. motoputz says:

    thanks looks delicious

  6. mrbear1302 says:

    They are selling those cauliflower crusts for $13 a piece!!!!!!!!!

  7. O says:

    Is sheep cheese also good ?

  8. J C says:

    macadamia nut oil bro.

  9. Nspeedtheone says:

    Thomas can you touch on the subject of fruitarianism ?
    As i see it at the moment, it is the most optimal way to live.
    What are your thoughts ?

    Much Love ❤️

  10. Your just on loads of steroids just shut up already lol

  11. I placed an order with the discount. Way to expensive otherwise. TRUTH.

  12. Haha SUPER SUPER . (SUPER)

  13. Erik Bottema says:

    Thomas DeLauer Can you make a video on what Magnesium type can be found in what types of food?

  14. DianddraD says:

    here's a recipie…go buy this pre-made stuff…

  15. Frank Mosca says:

    Avocado oil as well as olive oil, is a monounsaturated oil and should not be heated up. regardless that it has high smoke point.

  16. Bummer. The keto stack comes in variety pack. I just want plain 😞

  17. To use this guys own words "studies are showing the keto diet can be dangerous and could cause type 2 diabetes" look it up this guy full of shit he contradicts his own words. He says it's all about insulin most of the time yet its being proven to be bad so either listen to the experts or this roided up beta male bitch

  18. wpherigo1 says:

    Thanks, Thomas. I’m trying the cauliflower pizza crust.

  19. Jansen Vera says:

    Almost a million subs!! 2-3 more weeks for sure. Congrats man!

  20. Krag Lohry says:

    Anyone have a link to the Keto PDF?

  21. Andrew H says:

    Jimini crickets mate!!! You have that explained straight from the 5th dimension !! 👍

  22. Helo Thomas , could you make a video on green clay and is mineral in

  23. Fabio Silva says:

    I will like to see the full ingredients of that crust wallmart sell them and I was very disappointed what I saw its not fully cauliflower

  24. Diane Jaquay says:

    Who the heck can afford those wraps?!! Not me! Hate seeing what should be a reasonably priced item overcharging like this 🙁

  25. Make a video on Butea Superba 👍🏼

  26. KKH says:

    At 1:44 the advert shows a '10-stack pack.' On Cali'Flour's website it's an 8-pack assorted.

  27. This looks pretty good

  28. Why is this pizza crust so much money

  29. Thank You
    Thank You
    Just Brilliant


  30. 8 cauliflower crost for 100 dollars? Are you serius? Are you crazy? Wtf?

  31. D C says:

    Does George know you’re dissing his grill? 😉

  32. VietDealer says:

    Question on differ topic. I am doing IF for 2 months, does cayenne pepper or ground cinnamon break IF??? I want to add it to my ACV.

    By the way great jobs on videos; you have been very helpful on my journey to dropping half my weight & to be on American Ninja Warrior.

  33. jacqui hida says:

    Awww I thought you were going to actually make the dough… not use convenience food. Sorry. We don’t get this stuff to buy in my country

  34. Amigo500 says:

    What i like most about that video (or the thumbnail) is that you have your shirt on. Do you know how offputting it is to see another naked man on a video? I love your science and recipes.. but put on a shirt please.

  35. i'll be honest, you should really stick to your health and science based vids. cooking recipes are not your strong suit.

  36. I don’t know why when I watch your vids, I think of 50 shades of keto🤣

  37. LizardGeek says:

    I am still trying to figure out why you have so many haters… doesn't really make any sense.

  38. Love you videos thank you

  39. If you got crap to say keep it to yourselves really people grow up

  40. Paul Byrne says:

    First, want to tell you, Thomas, I have research all of the great scientific content you share and you are 'bang on point'. I dont think there is anybody and I mean anybody in book, teaching or YouTube videos that's as knowledgeable and informed as you, thank you so much. Now for my question…I have some body fat to get rid of around my waste. I believe that I have 'metabolic syndrome'. In order to maximize the efficiency of my OMAD diet, I want to know what foods to eat during my 'eating window' Currently I have a 22/2 window ration. I eat a steak, pecans, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, cheese (small amount) and leafy green vegetables (a lot)…raw. I know that the vegetables I have selected have a higher GI than asparagus, but like a variety when I eat. My 2-hour eating window is a very precious time for me and I want to do it well but not turn it into a nightmare eating bland or untasty foods.

  41. alan wisdom says:

    Thomas I adore you, but frankly you are from all over YouTube with your advertisements, we can more to see you, it is harassment at this level 🤣🤣😜😜😜This must stop ok 👌

  42. I love cauliflower crust pizza! What a good idea….good combo of ingredients 👌🤓🧀

  43. Karl Dunne says:

    I've been eating Sri Lankan Currys they have super amounts of Garlic and Tumeric… (Burrani is a good start)…definitely different and great for winter dinner!!….Cheers,

  44. I have been on Keto 4 months now. Getting amazing results, however just had a blood test and my cholesterol went through the roof. Can you please do a video about keto and cholesterol?

  45. I will use cottage cheese instead of chicken, rest all is good…and cauliflower is my favorite veggie…thank you , Mr. Thomas 🙂

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