This easy meatball recipe is great for beginners. You don’t need a lot of pots and pans or a million ingredients.

Meatball Recipe Ingredients:
85/15 Beef

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34 Responses

  1. Asiya M says:

    Very informative as always ☺

  2. Nice in our language it's said coftee

  3. Jeff Gerald says:

    Great video, can’t beat simple yet satisfying

  4. Looks so good thank you loved the video 😀

  5. I love watching your videos Becky, you are always so happy and pleasant.

  6. I wish we had a better recycling program. All our city does is pick out the aluminum. SAD SAD SAD.

  7. Lydia Behar says:

    Hi Becky, I'm starting the Carnivore Diet tomorrow for 2 weeks to see how it goes. Today I'm grocery shopping and cooking for the week. Please do an update on how it's going for you so we can compare.

  8. Where's the generic video?😭😭😭 I love it 🙊
    Thank you for sharing the recipe! 😋

  9. Hi becky i have a question on 28 march i bought 3 baby chicks 2 of them have grown but the other has not grown can you please tell me why ? Please becky

  10. Julie Cramer says:

    I know what’s for dinner this week! Thanks!

  11. Bill Laut says:

    Have you considered canning your meatballs? One of the things I like to can up for winter is a couple dozen quarts of homemade meatballs in marinara sauce, for making Spaghetti and Meatball dinner. Usually I put three meatballs in the jar, add sauce, and pressure-can for 90 minutes. For me, it's just about the perfect size for dressing one-half pound of spaghetti.

  12. Lindsay Deer says:

    I have everything to make this, except the beef is from our cow we butcher, and the tomatoes are from my garden.
    My family loves my homemade garlic bread and it will go perfect with this.

  13. HI ya Becky.. how long have you been doing Carnivore diet… I am on Day 4 and shewww I am sure missing my salads.. so im going to do Carnivore til 4 and see how that goes… I have been doing Lazy Keto and really love that and loosing it what matters… love your video today… take care

  14. What is the difference between a cooking dome and a "lid"? Couldn't you just use a lid from something else–I have a glass lid from an old crockpot that fits my cast iron skillet perfectly. Nice cooking today!! 👍

  15. Tiara Preist says:

    Diets never work, the only sure way to lose weight is to watch the calorie intake and exercise, I lost 100 pounds doing it that way.

  16. Iris Gross says:

    Yay! I love your food videos

  17. Hello again.
    WOW! You make meatballs the way I do… JUST MEAT!!! Now, of course, I must now make some.
    I have been watching your earlier videos, and have a comment.
    You look so much better as a brunet… or was that auburn? Any who, I have no clue why you think the blonde look goes better with your personality, but I think it doesn't. And, professionally speaking, as a retired 'Old-fart' photographer (nearly 70 here!), I can tell you that some folks just aren't suited for the lighter colors of hair. The darker hair goes much better with your complexion.
    While the color of your hair in no way diminishes who you are and how wonderful we all feel you are, I think it was a mistake for you to go blonde. But them-there meatballs? NO MISTAKE AT ALL!!! You Go Girl!

  18. M. Sheridan says:

    Becky am also on the protein diet, called Ketos and I love it.

  19. another wonderful video!!!:)

  20. Bena Bang says:

    No herbs, spices, or seasonings to mix in the meatballs? Would it be bland?

  21. Thanks Becky! You're right on time! I will be seasoning mine and having bread too! Yum

  22. That looks like a quick easy recipe and looks delicious. I am definitely going to try it. Thank you. PS you are a very beautiful woman the way you are so don't lose to much weight. 😊

  23. Robert Bird says:

    How come you don't even salt and pepper the meat .. I do .. and it makes a difference. Ninette bird- The caribbean Wife

  24. So glad you put this video up. I have been in a rut with my cooking. I cant eat tomatoes so I used a type of brown gravy leftover from my deer steaks. Best easy meatballs.

  25. Terra Ranch says:

    I love your videos, and I wanted to mentioned how good you look. Healthy and happy. Hugs Becky❤️

  26. I love cooking in my cast iron and those meatballs look so yummy!

  27. LOREE LEE says:

    Not a fan of ground meat.but I do on occasion make them for everyone else…..I love orzo with fresh spinach and mushrooms with a little. Bit of sauce.and parmesan cheese….and I am very picky about my sauce.I am allergic to so much I can't handle just any thing.but if I want meat in it.I may do chicken,pork, shrimp,or skirt steak,very rare…..mmmm mmmm mmmm good….sorry my meds gets me going sometimes

  28. Sara D says:

    If you really want to follow the carnivore diet, leave the tomato paste out of this dish. There are far to many carbs in it to even be considered Keto. The carnivore diet is something my husband has been on and I’m seriously considering because of his success so far. Meat, cheese, eggs, spices/seasonings and fat (like butter, drippings, etc) my kitchen has smelled ah-mazing!

  29. Bobby Bobby says:

    Love your videos Becky. Don't know about any diets, guess I'm lucky, but whatever you are doing keep up the good work. You look great!

  30. I love your videos! Could you do a video on ducks, housing for them ect. We are planing on getting some this spring and have no idea where to start.

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