Hey y’all!
I have a maternity photo shoot tonight, so I made dinner earlier in the day.
This BBQ bacon turkey meatloaf can feed an army and makes the best leftovers you’ve ever had.
See what I bought at Aldi today, and then grab a pen so you can write down this easy recipe.

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42 Responses

  1. Slim says:

    I started watching 8/18/2018. Subscribed. I started the Keto diet last of May, Lost 19 lbs, 8 more lbs to go. Thank you for the videos.

  2. Are these aldi brands? I’ve never been there.

  3. Love aldi. Love meatloaf. Love this channel! Going for a haul this weekend! Been doing keto since july 9th and down from 300 to 275. Love it!!!

  4. The garlic and herb cauliflower is bomb! It’s almost always out at my Aldi.

  5. I’m going to try the meatloaf tomorrow!!! Looks delish!

  6. Lisa Trepper says:

    Thanks for sharing as always…. It looks so good.♥♥ My Monday was crazy as well.

  7. Juli Wolff says:

    Use a bread pan, makes a great loaf

  8. Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration. Your recipes are delicious. You would have been the perfect friend 35 years ago when I was raising my autistic daughter. Watch you everyday. Just LOVE LOVE watching you interact with your beautiful family. You’ve got this. (-33 lbs)

  9. Ang Puffin says:

    Goat Cheese, mouth instantly rejected it & spit it right out, involuntary reaction! I tried to like it lolll 😀 and that meatloaf looks delishhh

  10. I love haul videos ❤️ sorry you had a rough start this morning

  11. Diana Pesch says:

    Hello. Thank you for helping us with keto friendly meals.

  12. Lisa Young says:

    Can’t wait to try this. I’ve never had bbq meatloaf. But meatloaf is one of my top 5 favs😋

  13. Yum! And I swear that meatloaf is even better on the 2nd day. This would be good with a cauliflower mac N cheese too. Thank you for another amazing meal idea.

  14. My aldi does not have that Spanish meat pack. It seems your Aldi has cooler stuff than mine 😎

    I still love Aldi anyway! When I lived in Missouri, we shopped at Aldi over 25 years ago!!! They are a newer store here in the Dallas area (like 8 years or so)

  15. Just found you, and I must say, you are exactly what I needed!! I started keto at the end of July and I am already down 18 lbs and feeling wonderful! Only 80 more to go! It's so awesome to have a community of support! I'll definitely be following you and your journey 💜

  16. Ummm, also, THAT meatloaf looks scrumptious! Girl, you need to make a cookbook! I'd buy it!

  17. Now I have more things to add to my recipe journal! Lol. I make these dinners for my husband & I and he always loves it! Thanks doll 💖
    I'm always looking forward to all your videos!

  18. I love Aldi. They have SO improved their selections and quality in the past few years.

  19. I have been doing keto for almost three yrs now. As a member of the keto police…. hehe I cannot give my seal of approval on the meatloaf. haha… But that's me. Keto on with what works for you I say. You have a great channel and I loved, loved , loved the Aldi's haul report. Keto on!

  20. Norah says:

    I hadn’t been to aldi in months and my mouth literally dropped at how much they have expanded their lines and prices have dropped in my area. I will be stopping their prior to Kroger from now on!

  21. Please help with this question!!!
    Sometimes I get overwhelmed with tracking my macros on an app. Did you continue to track to make sure you consume corrects macros everyday of your weigh loss journey??

    Love your ALDI hauls, it’s my new fave store and you give me great ideas.

  22. Where do you buy the sugar free bbq sauce???

  23. Quick question, how do you determine the serving size for the foods you make? I’m struggling with trying to figure out the serving size with most Keto recipes. Do you have macros for recipes?

  24. Oooh…. Looks delicious 😊💗

  25. Meghan Parin says:

    I was watching Highfalutin Low Carb's channel today and his recipe for shrimp and cauliflower grits made me think of you. So good! I figure I'd share since you've been kind enough to share with us. 🙂

  26. nmariev68 says:

    Seriously, you are my new favorite YouTuber. I love your meals, your content, your hauls, your family, and I’m super happy that you are becoming so successful. ❤️

  27. I also would like to know where you get the sugar free BBQ sauce and about how much it costs …. Did a quick check on Amazon and it was kinda pricey 🙁 been doing this since July 7 and down only 10 pounds but had some challenging situations this summer so gonna hang in there and step my game up some 😉 thanks for sharing and for inspiring me ❤️

  28. Desiree B says:


  29. Kim Markert says:

    My aldi doesn't have rice cauliflower boo hoo

  30. jusmehon says:

    Oh my goodness, I made the cheesy cauliflower bake tonight and it was so so so so so goooood! I didn't even think I like cauliflower! Thank you sweet lady, for inspiring me and for the great recipe!

  31. Susan Aloha says:

    Looks delicious! I've been looking for bang in grocery stores. Nobody stores in California seem to carry it. But, today I was in a Chevron gas station and they have it. I couldn't believe it. They had three flavors. But, I was only in there to get free water and ice. What flavors to you like? I think they had Mango, Cotton Candy and Cherry not sure??

  32. Rose Burdine says:

    It’s funny I make a meatloaf similar but I like your way better!!

  33. lisa conner says:

    I'm coming to your aldi!🙂

  34. This looks delicious! Leftovers are just so helpful. Thank you!

  35. Another awesome recipe that makes me wanna go get the stuff and make it NOW! Loving your channel woman!

  36. Jennifer Rym says:

    Loved the egg loaf! So tasty

  37. Hi congratulations on your wedding. Where do you find that BBQ sauce ?

  38. Do you count vegetable carbs??
    I'm vegetarian and my carbs add really fast with my veggies.

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