These are SOOOOO good and SOOOOOOO easy! Give them a try!

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42 Responses

  1. Just what I like…a simple yet amazingly delicious recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That color shirt is beautiful on you!!!!!!!!

  3. Mary Cruse says:

    Parboiling your peppers work well too. I have a question, do you think this mixture would work in your "hot pocket" dough or do you think it's too wet?

  4. Paty Montero says:

    Hi, how often do you weight yourself to check if the diet it's working or not?

  5. Joe R says:

    these look amazing

  6. Harrrgh says:

    Looks amazing. Thanks!!

  7. Love this I will probably use ground beef #newtoketo 🍐🍐🥑🥑🥩🥩🧀🧀looks good👀👀👀

  8. Sherry Bandy says:

    If you mix in cheddar cheese and put it in the croc pot that's what we call Roadkill dip. But I use to make it with Jimmy Deans maple sausage and eat with Tostitos when I could have them.

  9. Well I don't have a oven in this semi… so I'll do it all in a skullet..we love onion so I'm adding to that… I like your simple meals and most of them I can do in the semi with either a skillet or a 12volt pan….we have a inverter under the bed…I should get one of those little ovens you have…hmm..need to do some research for wattage reasons… I need to take some pics for

  10. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. This looks so good and I have everything but the peppers 🙌🏻

  12. Mary Ann says:

    Omg! That looks fantastic! Gotta try that this weekend!! 😍😍

  13. i use that filling as a dip with pork skins

  14. I precook my jalapenos too. I just like the softer pepper. Good advice.

  15. Mary Harper says:

    It looks very simple and delicious … I think I’d love it

  16. I use red peppers 4 stuffing b/c I find them 2 be sweeter. Throw some taco seasoning on sausage,ground beef or turkey while cooking. Top with spicy cheese 4 Mexican Stuffed Peppers..So Good 🐶

  17. Jane Doe says:

    Isn’t that 4? 😂

  18. Dana Kossel says:

    Love the easy peasy recipes keep em coming!!

  19. Girl! That is my favorite dip! Used to make it all the time before Keto cause it's delish with Fritos!

  20. rdiemidio65 says:

    green peppers have the last carbs

  21. ketowithkyu says:

    You seriously read my mind! I was driving into work this morning thinking, “Hmmmm… stuffed peppers tonight would be good …. I’ll need to look up a recipe.” Thanks!

  22. FESTUS' MOM says:

    This gives me an idea to do w thinly sliced roast beef and make a mock Philly cheesesteak … ❤️🇺🇸💋💃🏼

  23. Perfect recipe but I would substitute for Shrimp.☺️

  24. Yaney eliza says:

    I made it after I saw your video 😋😍😘 we loved it. Thanks Katherine 🤗😘

  25. I got this from your Pinterest keto board. I loved it so much I made it again a couple days later. Was delicious in bell peppers. 🤤😋

  26. Nicole Day says:

    Omg this is making me so hungry 😛😛😛

  27. kilyn payne says:

    Made this but with chicken tonight! Was gonna put jalapeños but your recipe made me wanna try it with rotel!😋 thanks for posting!!

  28. What’s the macros on this? I’m kinda confused on how to added this on carb manger app 😕

  29. So timely on my way home from work. Have ingredients and making for dinner. Yum. Was just talking the other day to my hubby about making stuffed peppers.

  30. Just a heads up to some new comers to keto. Kat might have eaten very little carbs that day earlier. If you do not calculate your carbs from all meals and snacks keto can easily go out the door but a few adjustments to a recipe can cut the carbs in half. The cream cheese will usually either say 1 gram or 2 grams of carbs per ounce, 1 package equals 8 ounces or 8 to 16 carbs per package. You can see where just using half the cream cheese can cut the carbs for that with 2 carbs per ounce. Rotel has 5 grams of carbs per serving with 2.5 servings per can or 15 grams carbs per can. I have found that some name brands of cream cheese have started listing the grams of carbs as zero but I highly doubt they did anything to change the way they make it, suspect a printing adjustment only – Philly was one of these that went from 2 grams to zero…. hummm. So, one yellow bell pepper on My Fitness Pal is listed between 6 and 12 grams (some 6, some say 12). So it might be easy if someone was to eat say, three of those halves of stuffed peppers to eat 42 or 43 carbs at the highest calculations. Putting half the Rotel and half the cream cheese would cut the carb count depending on what the carbs are for those products. (I went with the Rotel with green chillis to calculate the carbs.) Often people make the mistake in calculating carbs of looking at the carb count on the label and not realizing that is the amount per serving. So if you use the whole amount you have to multiply the carb count by the number of servings per container. This is just for those starting keto as a heads up. One thing, on keto your appetite is less so you probably won't be eating as much per meal. Each person has to decide how many carbs they want to eat and where they are willing to cut to cut carbs. I love bell peppers, but I don't have to have as much cream cheese. Some of the more expensive brands of organic cream cheese have always said 1 carb per serving where cheaper brands have said 2 grams of carbs per serving (1 oz.) of the 8 oz box. Hope this helps someone who is wanting to stay 20 grams of carbs or less a day and does not realize how many carbs might be in the recipe…..

  31. debb903 says:

    You ever made donkey balls. Same thing without the rotel but wrapped in crescent rolls and baked. I bet you could do this with your keto dough. Yummy.

  32. m99 says:

    Looks great and very easy too.

  33. Y C Green says:

    I am going to try this for sure; just as soon as hurricane Florence gets out of our way! Thanks.

  34. Before keto I use to make that filling in the crockpot just like Rotel dip. I use to call it cream cheese rotel but people call it sausage dip. I also add green onion to mines.

  35. Travelbug50 says:

    I stuff my peppers and after I put them in the oven I add water to the pan so my peppers steam and they cook through. Oh, and cover with foil.

  36. Beaux is my favorite dog! And I don't like stuffed peppers but after seeing this I want some!

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