How to Make Arroz Con Leche | Mexican Rice Pudding Recipe

Here is my version of arroz con leche. It’s perfect for dessert and even better when it’s cold outside.


4 cups (960 ml)
1 medium cinnamon stick
2 whole cloves
1/2 cup long grain rice (3 oz)
4 tbls sugar (2 oz)
12 oz can evaporated milk (354 ml)
1/4 tsp salt













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38 Responses

  1. Did u use white rice or brown rice??

  2. I love arroz con leche😍it reminds me so much of when i was little☺My mom use to serve us as well in a coffee cup..😋 Miss those days!☺❤

  3. Gina Friend says:

    Hi Angelica! 😉 I've had rice pudding but not the way you made it. I'm thinking I would like Your version of Much better, so I will definitely be making! We've already had a few cool nights here, so it won't be long (not that I'm thrilled by any means with seasons changes). It just get too darn Cold here in Chicago 🤨. But on thee other hand, it sure is a Beautiful City! Enough about that.
    Waiting to hear of your update. Hugs and love to you and yours! 💞 Thank You

  4. monakatt says:

    Hi Doll great minds think alike I made this last night 😉

  5. Yummo. Ilike how you infused your water with your spices. I need to try this. I have never used clove in sweet rice, just cinnamon and vanilla.

  6. sea lover says:

    I like mime soupy but I don't call it soupy but milky. So I love my arroz con leche milky.

  7. Cori Eddings says:

    Oh wow that looks good, I grew up having cooked white rice with butter, sugar, cinnamon and milk, I need to try it this way

  8. Wendye Roche says:

    My Grandmother used coffee cups for everything except coffee!

  9. I always use whole milk but I think I'm going to try the evaporated milk. I would have never thought to use that instead. Thank you so much!!

  10. Missy 719 says:

    Great video thanks for sharing❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Here comes winter & I'm gonna try.Ty !

  12. My tummy is grumbling now. Looks fantastic, I must try this next

  13. 764marion says:

    Love rice pudding! Thank you

  14. Mindy M says:

    Now I need to make it! I always tried but it would never come bien.

    Do you have a recipe for caldo talpeno or caldo azteca?

    Sincerely love your channel ❤️

  15. laura duran says:

    I think all grandmas are alike. My abuelita always served us things in coffee cups!

  16. 사랑Koya says:

    Oh yes arroz con leche is the best!❤

  17. Quick question I'm curious is there a difference between condensed milk and evaporated milk and when one or the other should be used?

  18. Thank you soooo much!! Can not wait to try this recipe!! No disrespect, but that batch you made wouldn't even be enough for my FIRST serving! Lol

  19. My husband makes this sometimes and i love it!! Fills you up as well!

  20. I love arroz con leche I make it a little different. I use already cooked white rice then i just add milk, canela, vanilla and a small can of sweetened condensed milk. Im definitely going to try your recipe looks so good.

  21. LA Engel says:

    Can wait to make this for my daughter! ❤️

  22. Cant wait to try this! Memories of when my grandmother would make this and we would eat it all day. It tastes even better cold.

  23. maria kilman says:

    I grew up eating this. My mom would always use condensed carnation milk. So good. Thank you.

  24. This was my breakfast, lunch & dinner as a child (8 months – 2yrs), my mom says she had to make a big pot of it cause I refused to eat any other foods 😊 and, during both my pregnancies, couldn't hold anything else down. I still serve me a cup of it when visiting my momma 😉

  25. I was suppose to buy rice pudding today and I forgot it😬

  26. Your seriously my fav cook on YouTube !!

  27. D Hoosier says:

    Looks & sounds delicious! This reminds me of my mom cooking rice with sugar & milk, on very cold, snowy days. I'll have to try this. Thank you. Have a beautiful weekend.

  28. Hello Anjelica! Hope you are well. It is so strange that we cook the same things around the same time. I made “rice pudding “ a couple of days ago for my Mama before she has her infusion for RA/Lupus. My Abuelita made this recipe a little different, so consequently I do as well. I do like your method. The only differences between our recipes are that I cook my rice first then add the canned milk and sugar and vanilla extract and simmer it down. Also we add raisins and add ground cinnamon before eating it, also in a cup or a little bowl. I enjoy your videos very much. It’s fun to see foods from our culture shared. Sooo… what about The Chile Colorado? 😏😋. I know there are other videos out there In Utube land, however, I would much prefer yours. THANK YOU 😇

  29. Ohits Yuwiss says:

    My mom would use condensed milk. How would I add it if I wanted to try it? Just curious. Thanks for this great video ❤️

  30. Super recipe Tkx
    From Mombasa Kenya.

  31. Dolora Myra says:

    Looks so yummy as always! For a vegan option do you recommend rice, soy or almond milk for this? 🙂 Thank-you for all that you do.

  32. Ferrari Moss says:

    How long does it last in fridge?

  33. This is one of my all time favorites!!

  34. Martha Lugo says:

    I put in condensed milk and 2% milk as well along with evaporated milk. I have huge family gatherings and one time I made 4 lbs. of rice! yikes!

  35. Teresa Ronga says:

    Hi Gochujang Mama!
    Great recipe! Looks delicious! By the way,
    did you see Gochujang is officially a word in Webster's dictionary?

  36. lisa ibarra says:

    I have a special request for this rainy weather here… could you make some sort of semi-spicy korean soup? Like Budae Jjigae? I hope I spelled that correctly…

  37. Alma Cruz says:

    Now this, I know how to make! 😂 I make it in November and December. I ♥️ it! I'm addicted to it. 😱 😮

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