Martha Stewart Saves Time With Pressure Cooker Meals

Everyone’s favorite dinner host returns with recipes from her new cookbook ‘Pressure Cooker’ and some tips for saving time in the kitchen.

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37 Responses

  1. Sagisli says:

    Martha Stewart is beautiful. I love her, she's my domestic Queen. I've learned so much from her over the years.

  2. Omg I LOVE convicted felons now.

  3. mytexas days says:

    Exactly. My mother used a pressure cooker and pasta sauce ended up on the ceiling. I have it and will never ever use it. I'm a scaredy cat. I value my eyes.

  4. Sandouras says:


  5. mytexas days says:

    If you're gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a Beto in the band. I know I know, my pun is soo bad. But hey, it works fine e in that so g.

  6. Proof that the vine and konjak was not alcohol-free

  7. Elaine Ferry says:

    Beard looking better and better as it grows. Stop coloring the topside please Stephen

  8. Please shave that Beard ahaha 🙂

  9. Luis Peña says:

    Stephen really screwed with his advertisers today :v

  10. Frank Kelley says:

    She's out of jail? I didn't know!

  11. starnet36 says:

    Is she using an Instant-Pot?

  12. It's a shame that Colbert would have as a guest a woman who was convicted of insider trading. I would rather he have a good time with guests who aren't so greedy and felonious.

  13. ZdenekLU says:

    she's criminal, right?

  14. The Trumpanzees are gonna have prison jokes for DAYS after THIS skit!

  15. ZdenekLU says:

    cognac bottle was closed?

  16. 612Tiberius says:

    I keep thinking about that meme, Youtube viral video and theme song, "Too Many Cooks"; now that damn song is stuck in my head, only now it's "Too Many Books". Thanks Martha…

  17. 612Tiberius says:

    What happens to all the food after these cooking segments are over?

  18. Valhalla says:

    omg there is a german version of this machine called "Termomix". Southern housewives make afternoon-parties where they invite all their girlfriends and everyone buys one (they cost like 1 grand or so it's crazy) and then they gush about this machine for the rest of their fucking lives. You'll never be able to have a conversation with them, that doesn't sound like a sales pitch, ever again! It's a cult!

  19. Violent Grey says:

    hows that insider trading going martha?

  20. X X says:


  21. X X says:


  22. Martha Stewart was born in my town and used to be an art teacher at my elementary school. Im far to young to have had here but I know people who did

  23. Ms Nicole says:

    French cuisine uses bouillon cubes. I don't understand why so many people turn their nose up at them. (Granted, many do have a lot of salt.)


  25. Sarah Soares says:

    Pressure cookers are so common in Brazil, every household has one.

  26. duaneology® says:

    So she's not rich enough to walk away from shame?

    She needs to start hawking kitchen gadgets?

    Lol, goodbye Ms. Stewart…you're kinda lame 🙁

  27. Lisa Lisa says:

    He asked her You never use boullon cubes…
    Her.. OH, NOOOO!
    As he sucks on the wine…
    Deglaze yourself.
    Im dyin.

  28. I've used a pressure cooker at least three times a week for more than 40 years and I've never had an accident. The stories about them blowing up are mostly myth.

  29. Agent Evans says:

    Surprised Stephen is allowing convicts on his show now…

  30. Ben Lazaroff says:

    Martha Stewart has the sense of humor of a prune.

  31. Was there still a musical segment or something? Stephen says "we'll be right back" at the end

  32. It’s just as sweet as you are, Martha 😍

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