10 Minute Healthy Dinner Recipe – “Drunken Mussels” [Cooking Vlog with Viva Frei]

This was a surprise treat. We got a free bag of mussels from the local grocery. Despite my fears of being poisoned to death by bad seafood, we looked at a recipe and… NAILED IT! Not only are mussels delicious, but they’re environmentally friendly and amazingly easy to cook. Enjoy! Peace out! And be sure to like, share, comment & subscribe! #Mussels #MusselsRecipe #10MinuteHealthyRecipes


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10 Responses

  1. NichFam TV says:

    Mussels?? What the what?

  2. Those sound wonderful:) I live in a landlocked area, so I avoid seafood. But when I can get it on a coastal area its beautiful what happens in my mouth.

  3. DSLR Dave says:

    Good cooking vlog ! I was wondering why 'big muscles" until the very end of the video… Nice one lol !

  4. NichFam TV says:

    Can you create a clip of just that part where you asked to share what your channel is?

  5. mjlcarguy54 says:

    LOVE Mussels with over pasta with a butter garlic sauce toss in some asparagus or broccli 🙂

  6. ridiculous says:

    yes, mussels' delicious! 100% full watched/5upport and liked

  7. I was already fine with the quality before but this is amazing

  8. itsjustafaez says:

    Thanks for the spoiler alert. Was worried!

  9. Loved Bernie in the beginning 😂 I wish I had a store that gave me free stuff.

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