5 Best Tasty Chocolate Desserts

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43 Responses

  1. Cookie123 says:

    Me: “oh this seems nice”

    makes brownies

    Me: “oh wait I forgot I’m on a diet whoops”

  2. If I get 20 likes than I will make all of these

  3. Yall rlly love reposts huh

  4. Does anyone watch these as an excuse to get food

  5. Did y’all know that soon, chocolate will disappear

    Yes I know it even hurts to say

  6. How many times are they gonna post that damn brownie recipe in the span of one week holy shit

  7. Emma Louise says:

    Can someone leave me a nice comment because I’m sad?

  8. Saba Hussain says:

    I love ur videos Tasty even though I can't be bothered to make these myself! 🙂

  9. itsdaaria says:

    i personally hate chocolate i wish the world loved peanut butter like they love chocolate

  10. Anisah Khan says:

    This looks so yummy😋😋😋

  11. My 36 birthday is tomorrow…..

  12. Who doesn’t like chocolate! These all look yummy, my problem would be resisting eating it so it could bake

  13. Name of video:
    5 Best tasty chocolate desserts..

    Name of channel: Tasty

  14. I'm simple man,I see cooking I dont do shit to lazy

  15. 2040 says:

    Is it worth type 2 diabetes

  16. I’m the one who just drools while also knowing there not going to make it

  17. Cameron says:

    Took you long enough to think about a video about chocolate desserts

  18. Am I the only one who actually does them?

  19. I can never actually make this because I never have the ingredients.
    Edit: I'm a broke college student. :<

  20. And here I am allergic to milk watching fucking chocolate desserts

  21. Oh god and I’m watching this at 6pm. who needs dinner?

  22. 0:18 diabetes in a paste! Oh and say hello to a heart attack.

  23. Why don't you scrape the d**… bowls.

  24. Gabi A says:

    I want to go make all of these now

  25. I think my eyes have diabetes now.

  26. Omg omg CHOCOLATEEEE = life 🍫


    am is not the same as pm

  28. I'm just going say WOW!

  29. Sha&Shan DIY says:

    These desserts look delicious!! <3

  30. Can you pls begin to add grams or ounces etc as well as cups?? Cos online the conversions differ from website to website🤷‍♀️

  31. Is it just me or someone else also wants chocolate deserts right now ?

  32. When you make the wrong decision to watch this video at night when you're on your period and now you're craving chocolate like crazy

  33. silently waits for someone to comment "diabetes"

  34. Nothing Real says:

    So I made the brownies just now. And they came out amazingggg, but it would have tasted better with a good scoop of ice cream

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