Quality Family Time / Delicious 20 min Dinner Recipe!

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Hi guys! In today’s vlog, we decided to take a little trip to Grandma’s house so that Grayson could spend some quality time with his abuela and also I share with you guys my delicious Easy 20 min Salmon Recipe with some delicious Crab 🦀 legs and Shrimp 🍤 a side rainbow salad 🥗 and the easiest brown rice ever yum! Thanks for watching! Hope you all enjoy ❤️

Salmon seasonings 🐟
– Lemon
– Fresh garlic
– Onion powder
– Himalayan Chef Pink Seafood Seasoning
Add a sliced lemon on top, wrap each piece in aluminum foil and bake for 15 mins in a 350 degree oven

Shrimp seasonings 🍤
– same seasonings as the salmon with fresh cilantro added in as well
Cook for a few mins on each side just until they turn pink.

Brown Rice 🍚
– Uncle Bens Ready Rice Whole Grain Brown

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  1. Literally 3am here in Alaska but I don’t care still watching this. Love you guys 💕💕🇵🇷

  2. Right ! The rain in NYC is crazy this week ! BUT you still look good with your cap and hair up 😍😍😍 ! Dinner looks amazing btw ! Love watching you cook ! ❤️ #mezamob !

  3. It’s early in the morning, but still watching your vlogs, I love you guys. I love the part with Greyson’s beat in the back ground lol keep up the good work you guys!!

  4. Ashley Silva says:


  5. Arie Baybee says:

    Well , that made me hungry ! Lol
    Dinner looks great !

  6. Lizhet Ariza says:

    Always excited when I see you guys upload new vids. I literally stop doing wat im doing to watch you guys. Last video when u made enchiladas. I made them just like urs. Amazing girl. ❤

  7. Hi from the Chi (Chicago), Meza family. Love you guys. Love how Jesus was talking to himself. Lol. Love Grayson's(sp) beat. By the way, like the Chicago Bulls hat Kim.

  8. Jessica A says:

    Morning Meza Family 😊 watching the vlog before work. Like always, I enjoy watching. Editing always on point 👌

  9. Maddy val says:

    Morning dose of the Meza fam loving it ❤️

  10. A comment and a new video from my favorite family, what! Made my day❤️
    Girl, I know what you mean…my mom and pops food is always on point, whenever I go visit them on the Lower East Side I make sure they hook me up with my favorite PR dishes. No matter how hard I try it doesn’t taste the same to me.

  11. Heyyy from Saginaw, MI ❤❤ love the early morning videos before work!!!

  12. Happy to see another video. Dinner looks delicious

  13. Omgggggg u guys r tooo funny. U guys r the best. I lv ur relationship with ur inlaws so sweet. 😘😘😘😘

  14. Morning ! Happy Friday! Good to see you guys,, Grayson is getting so big.Have a bless weekend! Love you guys! God Bless.XXOO.

  15. Lia Mebane says:

    Omg tres Jesus….I'm so weak 😂😂😂 100k subscribers lets get it!!!!!

  16. I see some toes in the back! 😂 Love the videos, Be Blessed guys 💕

  17. Love the intro ! I LOVE MY CITY !I LOVE MY BOROUGH !

  18. Morning🙋🏻‍♀️ saludos desde Cali, food looks delicious! 🤗 whenever I go over to the parents gotta ask mom please make me a p&j sandwich 😑 I said please mom!

  19. Good morning new subie here ❤your 💄💋👄lipstick it's very pretty and bright. what brand and color is it ? Writing this comment before watching the video 😁😊😍 have a great day xoxoxoz loving your hair you're very beautiful 😍

  20. Daniella R. says:

    Always Love Yalls Videos!!!

  21. That beat was dope 🤘 mind me asking what app was that

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