QUICK & EASY SUBJI RECIPE / Pyaz Subji / Papad Subji / Ami’s Lifestyle

QUICK & EASY SUBJI RECIPE / Pyaz Subji / Papad Subji

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Hi Everyone. I am sharing very easy and quick Pyaz subji & Papad subji for days when you want something different or when you have unexpected guest.

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9 Responses

  1. I always heard about papad sabji , never tried .this time u shared it that too in such a easy way . Will try it then

  2. Quite innovative recipe s. I must say. Should be tried. ,

  3. wow yummy…I have to give it a try they r delicious ami…loved it

  4. romy roy says:

    Onion sabji 👌👌👌I often make papad sabji 😊

  5. Yummmy sabzis (i m hungry😋) ill try these ASAP ,n u r slayin in that black dress👌

  6. we make a different version of papad subzi…yours look very interesting..and yes onion one i'm sure Anshul will love to eat..will try 🙂

  7. Awesome recipes Ami…. where did u buy the grill in which u normally make roti n papad?it looks very convenient to fry papad on the stove

  8. We also do make papad ki sabji.. bit different from ur's one.. onion ki sabzi is quite new to me..

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