DIY Back To School Bento Snack Boxes! Easy Healthy Recipes!

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Back to school snack options are endless! Here are some ideas and inspiration for your healthy snacks this school year!

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RECIPES from this video:

1 cup roasted nuts or seeds of choice
1 tsp coconut oil
¼ tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp sea salt

Add nuts and seeds to a bowl and toss with coconut oil to coat.
Sprinkle seasonings to taste and toss to coat.

STUFF from this video:

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37 Responses

  1. There are SO many healthy snack ideas—if you’ve gotten bored with the same ones, try switching it up! Which one is your fav? Let me know!

  2. LOVE the mini waffle idea! I used to do something very similar as a kid. I would make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in between two waffles as an on the go breakfast. Re-introducing me into this idea is so awesome! Especially because now, instead of jelly, I can use fruit pieces…strawberries, bananas, or maybe even some nutella. Thanks!!

  3. Love all your recipes and here's my tip to share- try "non-melting" powder sugar which you can purchase at King Arthur Flour in Vermont! It's awesome when you want the powder dusting to last!

  4. May I suggest a video with some airfryer recepies?

  5. ShamoyaKelly says:

    Ahhhhh I love your videos. The production quality is like no other!!!! Thank you for the meal inspo…now every time I don’t want to work out or have a cheat, my head goes “it’s all a matter of mind over munch” and then I roll my eyes and make the right choice!

  6. HOLO UNICORN says:

    I love these mini bento boxes they are the best

  7. I’m really excited to try the edamame hummus! 🙌

  8. Sarah Alford says:

    These nobake boxes are a great idea; especially since I don't have a good oven. I'm going to have to try the cookie bites!

  9. Thank you! I'm seriously working on getting healthy these days, not really knowing what to snack on is my main problem that trips me up. There are so many great ideas in this video alone. So thanks from me – and my daughter!

  10. I’m not sure if it the light, but I love your hair. Purple suit you well.

  11. dat boi says:

    Do the calories of the recipe on your website count for one serving?

  12. Lucy Cono says:

    Do a under 5-400 cal bento box

  13. R Oki says:

    Your hair is pretty and I like the idea of the seasoned nuts!

  14. I am a special education teacher and a mom. I plan to make these easy and tasty treats with all of my kids!!

  15. Would oat flour work instead of coconut flour for the cookie dough bites?

  16. Where did you get the coconut pieces? I’ve never seen them like that. All looks good 😍

  17. Kale Ling says:

    CEREAL BARS!? Omg! We need to recreate cereal bars with that frosting goodness!

  18. Sayak S-G says:

    L-O-V-E THIS! I just went back to school 3 weeks ago, and this is super helpful!

  19. Love ur videos and ideas as always! However be careful with saussage. They need to be cooked since bacteria like listeria can contaminate them even if they were in the fridge before.

  20. I love that these work for adults. I deserve cookie dough, too! 😀

  21. Lori Miranda says:

    Love the bites from box 3

  22. No nuts allowed in school but awesome recipes for post school snacks.

  23. Michael Cat says:


  24. 6895Anna says:

    Can you share your preferred 'healthier' hot dog?

  25. Michelle Z says:

    Omg those banana bites…I need to put those frozen in some banana “nice” cream!!! Yes please!

  26. Brittany E says:

    Trader Joe’s recently discontinued their edamame hummus and I was sooooo annoyed 😑 Yay you make these recipes so less intimidating, totally going for it!

  27. The frozen waffles actually taste good just being thawed out?? I’ve always toasted them. Thanks for all your wonderful videos! I love them!! Even my 9 year old daughter. We watch them together sometimes. 😉

  28. Sarah Mowitz says:

    So glad Sunsweet partnered with you! Now every time I see their prunes I think of you and grab some!

  29. Nadeishiko says:

    I love all of these bento videos! Too bad they all contain nuts, though 🙁 I'm vegetarian and my boyfriend is allergic to nuts and peanuts, so I can't try a lot of your recipes!

    Hopefully one day you'll be able to do more vegan/vegetarian nut-free stuff 😀

  30. darkessraven says:

    These are great because I am having hormone issues that make me crave for carbs and fats too much. Since it's tradition for you to do Starbuck themed drinks, I would love to see you switch it up with Starbucks seasonal treats like their pumpkin spice scones.

  31. Siti Fatimah says:

    coconut in my country is make coconut milk or coconut oil not to eat for snack.

  32. Question: I would love to make the banana bit but is it ok for the coconut flour not to be baked? -thanks!

  33. Marie 87 says:

    I love dried apricots they're so yummy and my favorite fruit.

  34. Jacob011 says:

    Cereals with glyphosate, yummy. Great videos btw.

  35. I really love your receipes and your way of presentation. I would love to see more meal prep videos and receipes for unpacked, seasonal and regional ingredients

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