What’s for Dinner?| Family Meal Ideas| September 17-23, 2018

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Goulash- https://pin.it/q2rhwqmqmmqeut
Mini corn dog muffins- https://pin.it/j2sbrqn4jszs2t
Cinnamon toast- https://pin.it/ozvf4pwfxbhkvr
Spaghetti squash- https://pin.it/7jztduejrmbgzk
Ranch pork chops- https://pin.it/vomn3iqa5brukm
Chicken & gravy- https://pin.it/o2hktub3xwem64


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8 Responses

  1. Definitely trying the cinnamon toast, my boys would love that! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Yum to everything!! I'm going to try the chicken and gravy looks delicious. Thx for the share!

  3. Everything looks delicious, as always! 👌🏻😋🍽🥣

  4. Soooo yummy!!!! Can you show as grocery haul as well?

  5. GINAvsGINA says:

    OMG! I use to eat cinnamon toast all the time as a kid, brings back memories. Yummy week, I love these videos. I also have a video that week up this morning of my week of dinners.🤗

  6. TravelerPat says:

    Whoa, you're up so early! Been watching your videos for a while. Love your step-by-step, concise descriptions. Plus the footage is not too shaky. I'd like to tell you that I really like today's video's thumbnail. Somehow it looks more crisp and clear than your previous ones to me. Plus the font face and color, while easy to read, kind of blends in with the background and doesn't interfere with the images of the foods. 👍

  7. Loved the filled squash idea and the mini sausages ! Delicious meals as always xx

  8. Mimi says:

    Love cinnamon toast. I buy the Johnsonvile sausage quit often, its really good. Everything looks delicious! Have a great week~

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