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When it comes to healthy vegan recipes, oat clusters are damn near the top of my list. Enjoy these as a quick snack or an amazing travel food for the car or airplane. I used these to transition away from binging on gummi bears and other junk food after dinner. Hope you like them!

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22 Responses

  1. Zjenji says:

    I am hooked on this channel! Started an SOS/Vegan 30 day challenge a few weeks ago and this will absolutely be my lifestyle going forward. I just wish the FB group was on a different platform (since I don't use FB or have a FB account) so that I could follow along with the others out there. Thank you for the videos!

  2. If you had the Breville Soux Chef 16 you could do it all at once. This machine changed my world

  3. VoteGreen says:

    Those look sooooo good!

  4. Sonia sheth says:

    Looks so yummy like all your other recipes. Cannot wait to make it.

  5. Have you tried them without baking them? I make a no-bake mix and use a mix of oats and oat flour to help absorb the moisture, but defo want to try yours as mine involves nut butter and maple syrup (so good but also calorific!). Maybe your recipe + some oat flour and refrigerate, could work!

  6. buff barr says:

    Add dried cranberries, great!!

  7. Janis Mayer says:

    I like that you bake them. I don't like to eat raw oatmeal. I worry about food poisoning.

  8. Sickvibe1 says:

    Well the bingeing will help you for your muscle gain bulk haha !
    And I TOTALLY see myself pourring some nut butter in the food processor instead of nuts to get that creamyness out of those cookies !!! drools on keyboard

  9. 8:25…that is why i just subscribed. can't stop laughing

  10. Paul says:

    Yes, I love the oat clusters! Thank you for the updated recipe. I have problems with eating after dinner too, so these are a life saver.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for the updated streamlined version!

  12. Nice! I think it will be a good companion to our toasted oat bars.

  13. I made some yesterday! With blue berries! So good.

  14. MJ says:

    I just watched your oat cluster video last night, so the timing is perfect. BTW, that is a BIG spoon!

  15. Peter Rabitt says:

    Add that banana sludge to some flour, leaven it, and boom….muffins.

  16. Sidilicious says:

    I love the cluster pyramid pile on the thumbnail.

  17. These look delicious but I'm here to warn all food addicts that are out there that you cannot have stuff like this in the house without expecting to eat it all. Dylan obviously is not overeating on these, and you might need something like this if you have athletes or children in the house but the rest of us have to leave that stuff alone. Too calorie dense, too sweet, and too tempting.

  18. Thank you for this reminder about oat clusters! 😀 How many electronics kitchen utensils do you have?? 3-4 blenders or something like that? xD

  19. Pam Mccoy says:

    Thanks for this new updated recipe!

  20. They look yummy. Have you ever made them with pumpkin puree and fall spices ?

  21. Test says:

    Ooh, that could work as a replacement for a „non-eating“ sugar addicted Add kid I am looking after! Love your channel, greetings from Switzerland!🇨🇭

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