CARNIVORE FOOD IDEAS | 4 Easy Carnivore Diet Recipes (ZERO CARB)

CARNIVORE FOOD IDEAS // Click to read more ↓

Food ideas and recipes to try on the carnivore diet!

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10 Responses

  1. Do you like to mix things up on carnivore, or keep it simple?

  2. theFitty says:

    I'm surprised that you don't take the fat off the beef marrows and just place the entire thing, tallow included, into the slow cooker! Also very exited for your new branding. 🙂

  3. theFitty says:


  4. David David says:

    Everything looks delicious…thanks…now I am hungry! I also use the crock pot for tougher cuts and for when I am not sure what to do with something

  5. theFitty says:

    Oh my gosh what is that at 6:48? How do I cook it? Thanks for sharing, Kait!!

  6. I love the new name! Wow! I LOVE the health coach K8 intro too!😍 Loved this babe!

  7. urtyp says:


    haha I would have cut the bone rather…

  8. Honorthe343 says:

    I found a great meat in my travels to Argentina. They call it Molleja (Mo-ye-ha) here in the states it's known as "Sweet Breads" it is made low and slow on the BBQ (about 45 min cook time). crispy on the outside and extremely tender on the inside. Very high fat and cholesterol but buttery delicious. Very addictive , lol.

  9. John D says:

    Max harvested a goat. Cool. I'm having deer soup tonight and I have a large deer bone in the freezer for bone broth. Great name change. Great video.

  10. Always wondered how to make bone broth, didn't think I'd learn how make sausage, and those homemade pork rinds look great!

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