Cooking Tail Cow Soup Recipe for Dinner in forest

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Cooking Tail Cow Soup Recipe for Dinner in forest

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21 Responses

  1. Pets YTC says:

    I have not taste cow tail wanna try 😤

  2. Awesome your the best at this stuff

  3. Sy. Mih says:

    Why did you come to jungle? O I C, u have killed that grasing cow with bow n arrows in the jungle !

  4. من العراق يولذ فَدُيٌتّڳّ وٌأَلــُلٌهہ

  5. I thought that it's a human arm for the first time lol

  6. Canal Lula says:

    Eles comendo no final melhor parte akkakaka

  7. Hajo Khalaf says:

    thats yummy not pommes

  8. Que cerdos para comer Dios!!
    That porks to eat God!!

  9. Boi your grammar is so bad
    its not tail cow its cow tail

    also your channel name should be "Life Techniques"

  10. Ahor Nao says:

    So good… thats really really very delicious cow tail soup.

  11. Bad vines says:

    How did they get a decent camera ?

  12. Gloria Lopez says:

    Ustedes qué ponen los camentarios que asco hay no me gusta eso sí que son stupid no ven que ellos tienen que sobrevivir stupid

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