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healthy oats laddu/oats laddoo recipe, no oil or ghee needed. indian sweets recipes for diwali or as evening snacks for kids, fat free and vegan oats laddu, weight loss snacks.
Healthy poha laddu:
Healthy rice laddu:
Protein laddu :
protein laddu for weight loss:
Herbal laddu (Kerala Special) :
Chocolate peanut laddu:
How to make peanut butter in 1 minute:
I bought this jaggery from Pravumkoode, a place in Thiruvalla, Kerala.
You can use coconut sugar, jaggery powder, or normal jaggery (grated or crushed).
This laddu will keep good for up to a week or maybe even longer in the fridge.
I used a high speed mixer grinder to make this laddu.
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup peanuts
1/4 cup sesame seeds
1 cup jaggery
8-10 cardamon powder
cashewnuts and raisins as needed.
The blender I used:
Rolled Oats:
Jaggery powder:
My cast iron pan:

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  1. Hey Guys! Sharing, healthy oats laddu – a perfect healthy evening snack for kids and adults. No oil or ghee in this recipe, super healthy and tasty and filling. Its gluten free & Vegan too
    Healthy poha laddu:
    Healthy rice laddu:
    Protein laddu :
    protein laddu for weight loss:
    Herbal laddu (Kerala Special) :
    Chocolate peanut laddu:
    How to make peanut butter in 1 minute:
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  2. Aparna Datt says:

    Can I use quaker instant oats ?

  3. Aribah Aftab says:

    Thanks a ton 😘 mam. I was searching the recipe but couldn't find it. Thanks again

  4. Weight loss laddo bano pllzz jo hum fast mai kha sake Nd navrathri diet plan ke sath

  5. Mam make a video on period cramp drink from spoorthi 😍😍 please it's my humble request n i am following ur diet plan really i saw a drastic change happy with it honestly n can i buy any brand of matcha green tea that i get nearby my home

  6. Instead of peanuts we can use almonds?

  7. shiju thomas says:

    Very nice idea☺👍👌

  8. Mayura Dutta says:

    Very heathy!! I am definately making this. But one question that if i use jaggery powder then do i need to add any water to make it bit sticky like the jaggery liquid you have used. If yes then please share how much jaggery powder and water needed for the recipe for the amount of ingredients you have used. Also the link for cast iron pan is same as jaggery powder, so please share that link as im intrested to purchase cast iron pan. Thanks

  9. Yojana Tambe says:

    Thx so much mam…Loads of luv.. Lovely Lady👌😊👍

  10. Mayura Dutta says:

    Another query is that is there any video on diabetic friendly laddu or snack which can be eaten during day or as dessert after meals. If yes then please share link

  11. Jeen John says:

    Is the jaggery that you showed chemical free?..i would also like to buy from there if so

  12. adhokshaj Kl says:

    Skinny Recipes : Can we buy the liquified black jaggery from online sources ?

  13. Healthy mom healthy laddu lots of love. Mom need some healthy sweets dishes as diwali is nearing pls and soon. Thank you mom.pls pls.

  14. Hello. I have jaggery powder with me. Do I need to dissolve in water or can I use directly?

  15. Soumya Sahoo says:

    Can pcos people have this?

  16. Aswathy achu says:

    Pravinkoodu sugar millil ninano mediche?

  17. Rajni says:

    Very nice recipe. Wanted to ask you if Steel Cut Oats are good for health? Also can I substitute it in recipes where rolled oats are used?

  18. Superb लड्डू 🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕

  19. Here in Gujarat we call this jaggery as "desi gud"

  20. Manoj Saini says:

    Nisha ji can we add some roasted flaxseed ?

  21. This was such an useful tutorial Ma’m! Thanks a lot. Guilt-free desert option! Also, I was checking through your links for the cast iron pan, the cast iron pan link also opens up the jaggery page Ma’m.. can you pls update? I would like to buy the pan.

  22. Jyoti Sinha says:

    Wow awesome dessert and healthy !

  23. Aswathy achu says:

    Mam pathiyan sarkarak etraya rate?

  24. Wow yummy..thank.u mam😘

  25. Jyoti Sinha says:

    Will jaggery powder let them bind into laddus

  26. Nice recipe mam.. will surely try it.. I am a breastfeeding mother for a 6 month old baby.. please suggest some recipes for me

  27. Chechi powli yaa ktoo

  28. Mam,please post some full day food recipes to control insulin resistancy

  29. Mini Shihab says:

    Can we use instant oats instead of rolled oats?

  30. gotchaa100 says:

    Hi I tried your poha ladoo recipe yesterday and the ground poha feels very gritty. Feels like I am eating sand. I followed the recipe as is. How can I fix them and make the laddoos soft?

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