My Weekly Grocery Haul + What I Made My Family For Dinner This Week with Recipe Links

I’m sharing our weekly grocery haul from Kroger Clicklist and what I made for dinner this week for my family.

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Recipe Videos:

Bacon Ranch Chicken Tacos:

Cilantro Lime Rice:

Beef Stew:

Zesty Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches:

Pepper Steak:

Pesto Chicken Tacos:

*We had leftovers one night so that is why there are six dinners shown.

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50 Responses

  1. Lea Faith says:

    Love this video!!I live in Tennessee and Clicklist is the same here. I am picking up an order this afternoon😃I save so much money without impulse buys….the dinners looked delicious❤

  2. Great haul Jen! Love the recipes everything looks delicious 😋 💕

  3. Kathy Mills says:

    I really liked the format of this video. I’m glad you explained about the grocery pickup. I’ve seen grocery hauls where it’s mentioned but you made it more tempting to try (if other stores are as good as your Kroger is).

  4. GirlieShoppe says:

    Great video! I use the Amazon/Whole Foods delivery service weekly and I absolutely love it. Do you have a recipe for coleslaw?

  5. I love Kroger click list – You will get emails from them after you have used up your 3 free click pick ups for free pick ups if you buy certain products and you get special coupons that are higher value when you use click list also don't forget to add your Friday freebee coupon to your e-coupons and put it on your order you don't have to use it the same week it usually lasts for 30 days. I have got some killer deals on paper products like free TP and paper towels etc. I enjoy your shopping/what I made videos so much thank you for sharing them……I wish we could give up our Costco member ship it is a money suck for sure but we usually get our electronics at Costco because of the amazing warranties they offer that and my husband is addicted to butcher section the quality of meat beats Kroger 10 times over!

  6. Thanks for sharing how much you spent. I’m working on reducing our grocery spending and it’s helpful to me to see how much other people spend.

  7. Oh, yes, love this new combination grocery haul & dinners! I’d love to try this format too sometime if that’s ok? So much useful info in one video…genius. Don’t think I’ve seen this done before.

  8. Sharon C says:

    I was always curious about ordering groceries online and picking up. I definitely believe I would save money but I was always concerned about produce choice. I’ll have to definitely look into this. Your dinners looked delicious!

  9. I’m a huge Kroger fan! I’ve tried so many different grocery stores but I can usually get everything I need in one stop. I don’t do the Clicklist very often but it looks like you had a great experience. Those dinners looked delicious! I’m going to have to try some!

  10. Meegan Makes says:

    I have been using Clucklist for months and love how it saves me both time and money.
    I liked seeing your dinner menu. I seem to get stuck making the same thing, so you gave me some new ideas.

  11. Hi Jen I live in Texas so I shop at the big Walmart ad then Kroger and I use my Kroger card we get a discount. I spend 160.00 every two weeks. But we don't have kids so it's only two of us. And then the dog.

  12. I use Walmart grocery pickup. Free all the time. I live about 45 minutes away and I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it. I just type organic in and everything that comes up is what they have organic. They have stepped up their game. ❤️ not spending all day shopping.

  13. Kim Beck says:

    We are also planning to let Costco membership go — just no longer seeing the value. Even if I pay slightly more for certain items it's offset by not paying for the membership!

  14. I've been using Shipt to have my groceries delivered! It's so nice to have that option during busy times! It's free but I tip 🙂

  15. Tamela Camp says:

    Loved this style of video! I hope you do more like this! You look beautiful in that black top! Thanks for all your great videos!

  16. Oh my! I love this! We have a Kroger but it is about 35 minutes away. I need to go and browse one day but maybe I'd get better deals ordering online ;D… Your recipes look delicious so I'm going to check those out now.

  17. Amy Logsdon says:

    Love the way you did this video! Great dinner inspiration! 👍🏼❤️😊

  18. Love love love the way you did this video! I have to say I used click list inside the store (for my 1st time ever) by using the scanner that is set up right as you walk in the store. The thing was a pain in my butt… but after asking employees for help every second. I finally got it lol!!!
    But I LOVE IT!

  19. We use Walmart grocery pickup. we used to shop at Aldi but it got a little hectic with my toddler being in the store and trying to be mindful of our budget. She would always try to unbuckle out of the cart and it was just crazy. If Aldi had online ordering I would definitely use that. We enjoy the Walmart pickup because we can see the price as we add each item and it makes us stick to the budget! Walmart also does it where if you pick something and they don’t have it they will upgrade the size or give you a different brand and charge you for whatever you originally picked. Online pickup is very nice especially when you are busy and/or have kids. It makes things a lot more convenient for me right now. I am sure once my youngest gets a bit older she will be fine In the store and we could go in Aldi again but I will definitely take advantage of this service while I can!

  20. Love the video , love online grocery pickup even though we are now empty nesters-wish it had been available when my kids were young !

  21. S Lund says:

    Can you share more on how you work from home. I love your video's.

  22. GirlyTipsEtc says:

    Thanks for sharing Jen! My local Kroger-Ralphs does not offer Clicklist yet (anxiously awaiting) however I do use the Von's grocery delivery service and their Drive Up and Go program with success. Drive up and Go is always free and they do a great job of picking groceries and making substitutions as well. Xo

  23. Julie Ricks says:

    I love doing the click list! I’ve found that it’s saving me money even with paying the $5 fee plus tip. Going in is so tempting mainly around snack/junk food.

  24. Carmen M says:

    Hi Jen, I made your chili and granola this week. Both were delicious, thanks!

  25. dmorr86 says:

    I really liked this new video! I loved seeing the dinners you made with your grocery haul. I also appreciated hearing your thought process for letting your Costco membership go and trying something new.

  26. Love this video and your top!! Can you do a video of a day in the life? For example what time you wake up, morning routine, what you typically do in a day, night routine etc?

  27. Lisa Marie says:

    Yum!!! Your dinner meals look so good!! We like to have breakfast for dinner occasionally as well. I haven’t tried the grocery pick up yet. Have a great day Jen! 😘

  28. Madzia M says:


  29. Kristen C says:

    Click list is my jam!! They have awesome coupons on the site and it really is fun to search for different varieties when I would just grab what I knew otherwise

  30. Dawn Fraga says:

    I’ve tried using the Walmart grocery pickup. I do find it helpful on many items. The one thing I would caution people about is when the “shoppers” are putting together your order they are taught to use the first to expire items. From a business perspective I understand that method and for food you are going to use up fast it’s not a deal breaker. Experience has taught me there are some items best left for the consumer to pick out for themselves (meats & produce mostly). However, due to pain from terminal cancer any less time I can spend in the store is incredibly helpful. Thanks for another great video…love the format! Have an amazing day 😁

  31. I always love your food hauls & keen to see your meals too.
    Greetings from South Africa 🇿🇦

  32. I’ve been really happy with my Kroger click list. The produce looks good and substitutions are in my favor. Mine is 30 minutes away though. I do spent less time and money though.

  33. 😍😋😍 how did I not know about chicken bacon ranch tacos?!!! Yum!! Great haul! I've never used clicklist, but I always shop Kroger. Thanks for your dinner ideas, Jen!! Yes, more hauls with recipes 🤗

  34. if u do decide to go back to Costco, think about splitting the cost with a really close friend. I have 4 friends that we each picked one store and than we all split the cost yes it was 100 dollars a year but 4 Different stores lol we make a girls day ect. so we can hit them all. just a thought.

  35. The "flipp" app has saved me from over spending on groceries.

  36. My son is the manager of our Kroger clicklist!!! Glad you have it a try!!

  37. As a fellow Michigander, grocery pick up in the winter is a God send! Not having to get my child out of the warm car to shop was so wonderful 😊

  38. Linda Serro says:

    Great video. Loved having both in one. I would like to see either cleaning videos where you discuss the products you love now compared to your earlier videos or a video on the cleaning products you have switched to from earlier. Another one would be how you store seasonal stuff. Holiday menu favorites…Thanksgiving, Christmas.

  39. DiH Sydney says:

    Yummy….loved the dishes you made from your grocery shop. Thanks for sharing 😊 PS nice format & good to see you!

  40. I have a love hate relationship with Costco. I don’t believe the prices are great but it’s nice to buy things in bulk when I need it for parties

  41. Tracey W says:

    Girl, I am a stay home mom and my kids are older too but grocery shopping is something I HATE to do. It's worth the $5 to me to not have to deal with it. And I agree, I spend less because no impulse buys. I ended up going to the store this last time and I instantly regretted it. Never again! LOL

  42. Yay! Yes please do more hauls with recipes!!!

  43. Ann Snider says:

    That is great!! Thanks for showing what you made for dinner too!

  44. Iheart2cook says:

    Kroger in my area gives you only the first order free. But the Kroger digital coupons give you extra discounts and sometimes free delivery. And the Simply Cheetos are crazy good and addictive. Watch out! Thanks friend

  45. Hi Jen…I love your grocery halls and would love to see your menu ideas at the same time going forward. I get so many cool ideas for menu planning from you and others in the community.

  46. Enjoyed the video as always and you look great . Be blessed

  47. Anna Wegner says:

    I enjoyed this style of video. I would be interested in seeing more like it.

  48. Brenda Tate says:

    Those dinners looked delicious! Especially that beef stew! YUM!

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