4-Ingredient Pork Budget Recipes! 1 Loin, 3 Dinners, only $20!

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Pork loin is an extremely affordable piece of meat, making it a great budget option for family dinners! These recipes all have 4 ingredients or less!

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STUFF from this video:
► BONING KNIFE (6-INCH): https://amzn.to/2R7g8Qd
► BLACK T-FAL 12-INCH OVEN-SAFE PAN: https://amzn.to/2NPjqtp
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RECIPES from this video:
► HONEY DIJON ROAST PORK: https://bit.ly/2ygyOoG
► MAPLE BACON PORK LOIN: https://bit.ly/2CgN43K
► RANCH PORK CHOPS: https://bit.ly/2CIeMaw

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28 Responses

  1. For everyone who’s asked for budget dinner recipes—this is for you! A pork loin is much easier to manage than you might think! 👍

  2. Thia Sings says:

    I'm early. I'll have to show my mum these they look delicious. My mum also makes stir frys with pork loin

  3. JJ Fresh says:

    yay! a monday video! thank you!

  4. Brix Perez says:

    I love pork! 🐷And you know, pork has such a bad reputation (at least here in Mexico) ppl is afraid of eating pork in stews or elaborated dishes (not in tacos tho🤔). But I find it even leaner than beef. Fat can be easily chopped away, beef in the other hand does not allow this cuz of infiltrated marbled fat. Plus, pork is way more versatile. Anyway, thanks Alyshia, great video!

  5. Hi, sweet adorable Alyssia. Your pork recipes look amazing.

  6. fanofpink says:

    Woop bonus Video!!!!

  7. RICHARD1974 says:

    Great video alysia. Thank you for sharing and the great job you do. Keep up the great work and the viewers and subs will come.

  8. Darell Grant says:

    Um yuck! I'm cooking my pork until it is well done!

  9. Yummy! I need to pick up some pork soon, my fiance does a delicious roast pork dish with apples and sweet potatoes.

  10. Yay, pork! These look good.
    Don't you have a recipe for ranch seasoning? Can you give us a link?

  11. This looks delicious! All three. Love your channel. Do you have any knowledge with healthy weight loss meals? Fibromyalgia makes this a challenge, but I plan on winning this one.😊 Do you have ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner??

  12. I love pork so much because it is one of the most affordable meats, while still being tender and delicious. It also has a ton of protein, and I love the fact that the fat can be easily removed or eaten around because the texture of it bothers me. And I love how versatile it is depending on which part of the pig is being used.

  13. Kitty Cat says:

    omg we have the exact same frying pan 😂😂

  14. dandesu says:

    watching this at 2am…(drool)

  15. Azsherü-el says:

    Pork?? Grose…. Go vegan. Just unsubed.

  16. eva diego says:

    I wish you would have cut into the last pork recipe

  17. natasya786 says:

    Next time try the Danish version #flæskesteg !

  18. Could you do some Asian fusion recipes? 🙂 I really love spicy Korean pork

  19. I really think í m gonna try that. It looked doable and delicious! If í m only going for The first two recipies How much meat would i need for two People? Like a third of yours?

  20. Erik Munneke says:

    Looks good! But you can actually take pork a lot more pink in the middle, especially when you’re using a loin of pork. Especially loving the honey glazed pork, always been a favourite of mine!

  21. aliSeis GE says:

    Wow, this all looks super delicious!

  22. Ruth Cousins says:

    Yummy! This is great i love pork and didn't know you could serve it a little pink. Make sure you rest your pork loin for like 10-15 minutes before cutting so the meat keeps the juices inside and don't spill out over your cutting board

  23. Last time I tried to cook pork loin I was so disappointed, I haven't tried again since. Thanks to these ideas, I think I'll give it another go!

  24. FitAngie says:

    I don't eat pork much at all, but wow these recipes are fabulous. I need to make the maple bacon pork loin for Christmas for the family, they will love that. thank you sweetie for these recipes xxx

  25. Amy says:

    And you'll be coming over to cook this for us when…😉 I know I can do it myself but you already have the skills. 😁😂🤣

  26. You should be ashamed of yourself for touting pork as healthy

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