What’s for Dinner?| Family Meal Ideas| October 8-14, 2018

Grilled cheese & bacon tomato soup casserole- https://pin.it/rwoikh2333owho
Taco macaroni casserole- https://pin.it/p3iaxlvo3bh6vc
Mississippi pot roast- https://pin.it/nxzmmiec7mkjqq
Cheesy chicken bacon tater tot casserole- https://pin.it/7emwp2x4rtaqjb
Cupcakes- https://pin.it/ktfs7osle3hmay

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26 Responses

  1. It all looked great!! Such a good cook!!! Blessings to you ❤️ grilled cheese and tomato soup was my childhood fave. I have to try that recipe 😊

  2. Those cupcakes looked like a professional bakery made them! Great job!!!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Looks so good! Love your meal ideas 😋

  4. We LOVE Mississippi pot roast! I also like to do Mississippi chickens but I sub the au jus for chicken gravy and keep everything else the same – it is delicious! We like the chicken over white rice. I love to cook casseroles a lot but my kids don’t seem to be huge fans of casseroles as much as I am of cooking them. I mean they’ll eat them but I always notice they don’t eat anywhere near as much so I try to not make them as often as I’d like to. All your dinners looked so good though. I love A1. I could eat it on anything 😍 cute cupcakes!

  5. Foodie Laura says:

    you have really neat piping work. The tatter tot casserole is a new one to me, looks good not as mushy as I'd expect for something out of the crock pot

  6. Alley Cat says:

    All of your dinners looked sooooo yummy!! TYFS 💗😊

  7. Those cupcakes looked awesome! My boys love tater tot casserole. Going to have to try your version. Great job as usual!

  8. Gidget13mwa says:

    Such cute cupcakes! Happy birthday , Alicia! (Spelling?).

  9. Brenda Tate says:

    I look so forward to your videos on Monday! You really did a awesome job on those cupcakes! Everything looked delicious 🤤!

  10. The cupcakes were adorable! I might have to make them just because! 🤣

  11. A J says:

    I could listen to you talk all day long!

  12. Those cupcakes are cute! Creative idea. All the dinner ideas look good too. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Mimi says:

    I'll have to try that Mississippi pot roast. My family is originally from there. Have a blessed day!

  14. Everything looked great! The grilled cheese casserole was neat.

  15. Monica Miles says:

    Every last thing you made looks amazing to me! I made your potatoe soup on Saturday and it was great ! Tfs

  16. Those cupcakes looked awesome!! I love your videos.

  17. Heidi L says:

    I just got a kitchen aid I’m loving it!! You should pickup the new scraper paddle attachment it’s a life saver and works like a scraper around the bowl!!😍🙌🏻

  18. Great meal ideas! Everything looked delicious!!!

  19. Question??  I don't mean this in a rude way…but if you season your ground beef then drain it…doesn't that go down the drain?? Most folks season after they drain.  Your meals always look so good!

  20. Tammy Blue says:

    Hi,I'm new,an love your vids,you are so sweet to,an have a beautiful family! tfs,an have a blessed day! peace an love!

  21. Everything looked so good! I went and pinned that taco casserole. I want to try that out sometime soon. I've got a half pound of ground beef that I need to use up, so I might just try making a much smaller portion of that recipe lol 😁.

  22. Do you like your pioneer woman pots and pans? I’m thinking about getting a set. Thanks for posting all your recipes; I enjoy watching to get new ideas! 😊

  23. Those cupcakes were so cute! That grilled cheese casserole looked kinda gross at first, but when you showed it on your plate with the cheese oozing out, I gotta admit that my tummy started rumbling!

  24. Cheri Lynn says:

    Those cupcakes were so cute! Everything looked yummy as usual!!! 🙂

  25. Sarah Grant says:

    As usual, SO MUCH CHEESE! LOL.
    Would.you consider doing a video on what you all eat for breakfasts or lunches??

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