Tasty Dinner Recipe – Brains and Eyeballs – 23 of 31 Days of Halloween – DIY Halloween

Cauliflower: 1 head
Mozzarella Balls
Green Olives with Pimentos
Basil Leaves
Cherry Tomatoes: 12-18
Ketchup: 1/4 Cup
Balsamic Vinegar: 1/4 Cup

Tasty Dinner Recipe – Brains and Eyeballs – 23 of 31 Days of Halloween – DIY Halloween

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Trying to figure out how to keep busy this Octbober? Welcome to Living Better TV where I show you how to eat better and live better through healthy ingredients and healthy habits. Every single day in October…. Get together with friends, family and me, together we can make our October Boooo-gie with 31 Days of Halloween.
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I want to share my passion with everyone, so people with the same passion can have a ‘place’ to share the experience, to be reminded how great the world, life and time with their loved ones really are. Some of my greatest memories include food; the aromas, the flavors, the energy in the air, and the people with me, those memories stay in your heart, in your soul. I’ve been blessed with wonderful memories, and want others to be able to create the same.

~Your friend with food benefits. Jeremiah Vielleux.
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  1. Recipe is in the description box above.

  2. This Tasty dinner recipe is a vegetarian Halloween delight. It's disgustingly beautiful!!!

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