Cranberry Orange Cake From Scratch | EASY Holiday Recipe

Christa share our amazing Cranberry Orange Cake… Delicious and EASY from scratch recipes, a Big Family Homestead fun food.

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34 Responses

  1. Sabby Cat says:

    I don't have cranberries, but what I do have is orange and lavender essential oils that I found at a garage sale. Tonight I will be making an orange food cake, with lavender icing !!

  2. I always use yogurt, instead of sour cream. 👍

  3. Denise Stone says:

    I am sooo not liking this (I’m jealous) it looks fantastically delicious and moist and I am diabetic. You should warn those that are…it might shoot their blood sugar levels to the moon. Lol (resting in a diabetic coma now) lol

  4. Hey.the hair is looking awesome! Love the cut girlfriend!!

  5. Christa that Cake looks so good thanks for sharing with us all

  6. Yum! Most homesteaders don't give a rip about Keto. We burn enough calories each day 🙂 Is that a Doterra recipe? Gosh, it looks good.

  7. Thank you for this recipe. I came to your channel originally for you bread and other recipes. I hope you get back into it. Maybe do a couple re-do video on the bread recipe. Thanks!

  8. Jilly Girl says:

    Sounds yummy wish I was there to be a taste tester

  9. Shari Lynn says:

    If I cannot get wild orange oils, can I sub fresh squeezed orange juice and if so, how much would you recommend? I am dying to try this!

  10. rottmom410 says:

    At 7:35 and again at 8:08 is duplicate video of drizzling the icing. It does, however, double the sweetness of the cake! Definitely will try this recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Rosanna says:

    Oh WOW that looks and sounds delicious !! Your not kidding about the chickens working over time, That was some BIG eggs.

  12. MAE HAY says:

    Beautiful and yummy looking Cake Christa! 👍👍👍 Thank you for sharing your recipe 😋

  13. Michelle T says:

    Look at that sugary lump of heaven. WOOoow

  14. Tammy 1960 says:

    Is the orange oil optional if not what could I substitute and use if I don't have the oil?

  15. YAY A Christa video =D , cake looked delish!!!

  16. Thanku. You’re so funny. God bless you

  17. Judy Malley says:

    I will try this recipe both with orange and lemon. I love cranberry lemon muffins.

  18. Lori E. says:

    This looks exceptionally yummy!!! I can't wait until I can get my oven fixed or replaced to bake one.

  19. I will be trying this one it looks awesome and easy. Did I do a double take on the icing part of the cake.. and do you use sound effects??? Her cutting around the cake to get it off just sounded/??? However I am using headphones at work…

  20. Hi Christa, i asked for some baking and you delivered! Love you guys!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. This looks So good! It also reminds me, last year I went on a cranberry sauce canning spree. Made it with apple cider, orange juice, and a wine. I liked the cran/orange, the "drinkers" liked the wine one….I no longer partake so just had a spoonful…. the apple cider was the most tart. Love love love cranberries and orange . Bet one could make this with gluten free flour!?

  22. When I make mac and cheese, I use yogurt, rather than milk and butter. It makes a wonderfully creamy concoction.

  23. Thanks for sharing christa that looks delicious i am going to make it for thanksgiving.

  24. Village Idiot here, will it work to substitue a smidge of cranberry jelly for the raw cranberries? That looks so good Girlie!!! It looks like BFH had an amazing day! YAY! ✌💕

  25. I'm so happy to see scratch cooking! No thrive life stuff.

  26. Tj Miller says:

    Nice we got 2 drizzles for the price of 1 🙂

  27. Your cake looks amazing !!!!😳😳

  28. That looked SO GOOD! May have to try out your recipe!

  29. I miss your cooking videos, thank you for this.

  30. planwithjen says:

    I just made your broccoli cheese soup today now I HAVE to make this. Lol. BTW, Brad is that your music in the background? If not that something that youtubers would pay for!

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