Delicious Rice Meal Recipe – Get Rid of Bloating!



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45 Responses

  1. Question, do you think not doing a proper “bulk” is going to hurt you in the long run this next year? I know you did a good bulk before your Royal London Prep. (Which was your best look).

  2. Are you applying vertical diet principles?

  3. I love the Netherlands, from the US!

  4. Gramald says:

    When do you smoke weed?

  5. I am bloated after rice, potatoes are for me

  6. Denis Dalrin says:

    Nice video Mr vintage

  7. Elvis West says:

    That fresh parsley plant is over the top, lol. You’re truly a connoisseur of cooking. Thank you for all your advice Wesley. I’ll be at the Arnold to see you compete. Stay Golden

  8. Rami Eg says:

    very nice bro wish one time see you eating meat lol 😀

  9. Danial says:

    am i the only guy who checks his stomach in the mirror after every meal to see how fat i look wid a bloat or…

  10. Is there a reason why you cook low fodmap foods? Do high fodmaps give you digestive issues?

  11. Thank you sir. Love the people of the Netherlands, cheers 🇨🇦

  12. narfer01 says:

    That meal looked yummy! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  13. simon12332 says:

    i love the cooking! need a delicious diet for sustainability!

  14. verbinnenben says:

    I hate when there is useless plastic around the cucumber..idk why they do it? It's not like they put plastic around every tomato

  15. Dingo says:

    Wesley could throw a bit of turmeric and some sea salt on my gym shoes and make it sound delicious for sure.

  16. Always an on point meal. One of the few pros who actually knows thier thing when it comes to nutrition

  17. Gol D. Roger says:

    Do you carb cycle while bulking too ?

  18. Who tf cooks cucumber? After I saw Matt Ogus do it, I swore never again!

  19. These food videos are favorite ones to watch!! Awesome upload!

  20. I’ve been on a Low FODMAP diet for 5 months trying to heal my IBS. Helps a little bit still having issues

  21. Ive read to never eat Pangasius as its an extremely bad quality fish

  22. Keep the meals in these blogs! Love them💪🏻

  23. Jack Tragic says:

    As usual…great job of conveying useful information to the masses Wess 👍 I curious to see how you prepare YOUR oats, as oats always bloat me…no matter how I prepare them.

  24. Can you make a video with steak and what you eat it with?

  25. juan Carrera says:

    I got a big question for you and I hope you can help me .
    Fermentation in your stomach I got some box potatoes which I haven’t eaten for ever but I just want to be able to get something that was quick and I mixed in with some mixed vegetables next thing I know I’m a gas factory uncontrollable loading what not everything but the next day I thought drunk I felt like I had a headache a hangover and it’s been going with me for three days now I’m starting to feel a little better but what happens in your stomach when this is all going on now I have swollen feet very tired I have a little power when I go to the gym I actually just had to stop working out .

    Would you have any idea what happened to me ?

  26. Man dammitt!
    This was a great video
    Time 4 a whole foods run

  27. Pam Harvill says:

    Love your food vids very informative looking forward to how you prepare oatmeal, I love the stuff…,

  28. Do you think your gains would be compromised if you went vegan?

  29. M R says:

    Did you changed your macros setup? I have noticed an high amount of proteins and carbs, low fats. The usual nuts are missing…

  30. That looks really good man, keep those recipe videos

  31. Jeff Ochoa says:

    Great meal, homemade meals like this are at the top of the food chain!

  32. Chris Moore says:

    Like the videos wesley help me a los bro

  33. hey Wesley you should start a cooking channel

  34. Yes more meal videos plz!

  35. Bakul Rider says:

    waar koop je die basmati rijst?

  36. DORIAN PRIME says:

    Can u do a video of diet that helps increase bloating I'm after bloated stomach

  37. Biz Kindred says:

    Thank you for this video! Awesome recipe and information man!

  38. Mr Rotary says:

    Steer clear of any farmed fish.
    Will do you more harm than good!

  39. megaman2016 says:

    Wesley is it bad to eat basa/pangasius fish because of the poison/toxins and heavy metals? please do a video as a I see it a lot in your videos

  40. Rob says:

    fodmaps are overrated, almost as bad as people complaining about gluten

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