2 Healthy and quick Lunch recipes|| Millets Methi pulav | Millets Curd rice

Indian veg recipes; 2 healthy and quick Lunch recipes / little millet/foxtail millet/diabetic friendly recipes


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  1. I will must try this my sis tysm

  2. Ali Hamza says:

    Assalamualikum api
    Bohat achi recipe hai
    My fst lyk and full view

  3. bht easy nd quik recipies hyn sis

  4. Wow wonderful sharing 👌👍👍

  5. Amber Irfan says:

    Very easy and yummy recipes

  6. Very nice i like your cooking style 👌🙂 perfect recipe bananti hai ap 🙂🙂

  7. Yummmy tasty super..rice recipe👍👍👍

  8. likeee6👍👍👍🍴

  9. Looks tasty
    Stay connected

  10. Looks awesome… thanks for sharing

  11. Wow great .
    Very nice dear .

  12. very nice healthy recipe 👌

  13. Amazing recipe.keep it up and please visit my channel. I have subscribed ur channel

  14. Wow such a great recipes stay tuned

  15. My passion says:

    Superb healthy yummy recipe

  16. My passion says:

    Looking yummy and delicious 😋👌

  17. NisaCookbook says:

    so yummy recipies dear stay connected😊

  18. mmm looks yummy thanks for sharing!

  19. The Best says:

    Looks tasty😝
    Didi fluffy vegetable omelet recipe please!

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