Do you have ripe bananas but are tired of making muffins and bread with them? Well here are three simple recipes that give you something new to try!!

Soft-Baked Banana Oat Bars: https://www.fivehearthome.com/soft-baked-banana-oatmeal-bars/
Banana Breakfast Cookies: https://www.fivehearthome.com/banana-breakfast-cookies/
Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars: https://joyfoodsunshine.com/lauras-peanut-butter-breakfast-bars/

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26 Responses

  1. When I watched your last video I saw the bananas on your bench and thought man they need to be used soon, haha so funny hat you then posted this 😊

  2. Thank you, I love the variety with the bananas. Those bars look yummy 🙂

  3. Your brilliant 💜💜💜

  4. Mj King says:

    Great recipes. I love using brown bananas in overnight oats or mashed and mixed into pancake batter.

  5. Those puppies are such good helpers!!

  6. Loved this video! Please please make more. You’re a sweetie Darlene! Have a great day!

  7. Lana Woodall says:

    Yummy ideas! Thanks for sharing your new recipes to use up older bananas. I love banana bread but I think I will definitely try one of these next time. I actually buy bananas just to let go brown… is that crazy… lol 💛🍌💛

  8. Thanks for sharing ….I was looking for new banana recipes and I have all the ingredients as well .

  9. Barb Stormo says:

    Breakfast treats…how fun and yummy! I am certainly glad you had your supervisors watching you! Have a great day!

  10. Lorraine Paz says:

    I think that's a great idea to do more videos like this. However, I thought these 3 were very similar. Looked yummy, nonetheless. 😀

  11. Bobby Jones says:

    Hi Darlene, awesome simple recipes… Woohoo tfs… Hi pets🐶🐶😂😎🎶

  12. Charlie is a great supervisor! Always on the job, always on time!

  13. Kelly Wood says:

    Mmmmm they look yummy. I am going to try the first recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Andi R says:

    so great to see recipes for how to use up older produce. I love peanut butter and banana together, so those oat/peanut/banana bars looked great for a breakfast item. What cute little doggie noses!

  15. The title of this video could be “Baking with Charlie and Linus “ 😂……so cute 🐶💕

  16. Madzia M says:

    Wonderful I will make for my kids

  17. Yay…I have some ripe banans to use up…thank you…have a great day..❤💙💚

  18. Guilty! Great show, thanks for the info!

  19. L LB says:

    Thanks for sharing the recipes, such a good idea for ripe bananas and breakfast. Yum! I want to give the peanut butter bars are try. I love watching all your cooking/baking videos, would love to see more like this 💜👍

  20. Alexandra L says:

    Yay! So tired of making banana bread. Tfs💖

  21. Lulu Ga says:

    I would love to see more new recipies and new tries. Tnx

  22. AmeliaOrchid says:

    Hey! I made the oat bars that you showed in the beginning with the coconut oil. They turned out AH-MAZING and I can’t wait to have one for breakfast tomorrow 🙂
    Thanks so much Darlene, I love your videos. I get a lot out of them, whether it be inspiration for how to keep the spark going in a relationship, how to cook, meal prep, have a positive outlook on life, planning… the list could just go on.
    Keep posting and keep being awesome! 🙂

  23. Awesome recipes for use of bananas. I will have to try.

  24. Love these recipes. I always make different muffins but these would be perfect. Thank you.

  25. Linda CeeTee says:

    Great recipes Darlene! Definitely a thumbs up 👍. Just loved your supervisors waiting for a crumb to fall….they are sooo cute!!

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