DAY IN THE LIFE VLOG | A gym workout + quick dinner recipe

Hi all!!
For this week’s video, I wanted to do it VLOG style!! I do a lot of recipes and workouts, but usually never do them vlog style. PLEASE let me know which you like better!!
I added in a little car talk to just give you a quick update on my life, because if you follow me on insta, I share a lot of my personal life. I’m going through a breakup right now, and would actually love to do a full video on it, (as this is my second serious breakup) and just feel like I have a lot of advice to give to girls going through it. I just turned 25 (sooo mature lol) so I feel like I learned a TON.
Anyways, I hope you really enjoy the workout and recipe!!!!


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8 Responses

  1. My workout this time of year is leaves.

  2. Hola. Princess. Me. Gusta. Todita. Tu. Cuerpo. Mamyta

  3. So my OB said no jumping/HIIT workouts around the end of pregnancy. 🙁 I'll be back to your get fit app after baby comes. Your content is so underrated. I tell all my friends and women in my family about you.❤ Also.. sorry for your breakup you're stunningly gorgeous, his loss.

  4. Lauren Henry says:

    Yes do a break up/relationship advice video!!

  5. Loved this! The recipe was easy and quick to make! Thank youuuu 💕💕💕

  6. Felicia J says:

    The guy throwing the ball in the back is distracting 😂

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