Healthy Weight Loss Dosa | Healthy Breakfast for quick weight loss in Tamil | இதை செஞ்சு பாருங்கள்

Healthy Weight Loss Dosa | Healthy & Tasty Breakfast for quick weight loss in Tamil | இதை செஞ்சு பாருங்க நீங்களே சொல்லுவிங்க

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6 Responses

  1. Hii akka
    How r u
    Videos ya akka upload pana va illa

  2. blaze b says:

    Ravai dosa is also not good for health…I think your motive is only tasty food not healthy food any suggestions …Mail me [email protected]

  3. MAGESHWARI C says:

    Sis oats maava store pannikalam aa
    Ella instant aa cheiyanuma

  4. MAGESHWARI C says:

    Oil add panna weight heavy than aagum

  5. Nithya Nithu says:

    Oats store panni vaikalama powder pani

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