Masala French Toast-Bengali Style | Breakfast Recipe | How to make Egg Toast #87

Masala French Toast is one of the quick breakfast recipe where the bread toasted with egg & various veggies. This recipe can be cooked & serve within 10mins. In bengali we called this Dim Pauruti Egg Toast). This is one of the best way of having vegetables. Masala French Toast is perfect for kid’s tiffin box. So, whenever wants to have something tasty and healthy breakfast, this recipe can be a good choice.

মশলা ফ্রেঞ্চ টোস্ট
Masala French Toast
ডিম্ পাউরুটি
ডিম্ টোস্ট
Dim Toast
Dim Pauruti
Spicy Masala French Toast
Easy Breakfast Recipe
How to make french toast in Bengali Style
How o make dim pauruti
Bong Hneshel Recipes
#FrenchToast #ডিমপাউরুটি #DimToast

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