Catch n Cook Frog Recipe for Dinner in forest

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Catch n Cook Frog Recipe for Dinner in forest

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45 Responses

  1. Hannah SHOW says:

    How old is that fudging kid?

  2. Once& Army says:

    Why do you always have to make the picture of the video bigger than the real size?😑

  3. Suzy Smith says:

    Very good! I love the kid. Even the cute fake snoring!!;-)

  4. Tom Lamb says:


  5. 비가 says:

    한국인 없나요?

  6. Fatties don't even eat MacDonalds like that

  7. the older boy is the reason I watch these videos 😍👌🏾

  8. 1 says:

    Savages, but I will still come back and watch the next video!!

  9. They eat more like animals more and more as they make more videos. Why are you eating so fast? Grabbing each frog, jerking one dramatic bite, chomping on it with your mouth wide open, and then throwing it away half eaten? At first I thought they were actually starving to be eating like that. Then I realized they are wasting much of it by eating like that. Even if it hot. Let it cool down. At first it was funny, but now the animals in others stomachs and this eating like hogs is getting unwatchable.

  10. Daily u eat many tasty forest feast then y u look soo thin…??? 😬 😳 😏

  11. اكلتو وجع ڵـڱ هو اني م̷ـــِْن اشوف الضفدع اليل ماانام اضل خايفه شلون تاكلوهه اييييع

  12. Nida Hara says:

    Hi Jane was greeting

  13. Makan ngalahin dari binatang

  14. Why don't you get that dog

  15. بالصحة و الراحة أكلة الضفادع يا ضفادع ههه تبا لكم ههه

  16. sorry but this is really disgusting

  17. Quickly eat fast the English are coming!!

  18. Emre Dönmez says:


  19. Ahmad Riyadi says:

    I like this boy. So cute ❤️, like it.

  20. Esses cara na recebeu educação não ? Come 10x pior que um porco slc mano

  21. Nossa não tirou a pele ?

  22. Kon Fchkel says:

    Mfoooor mta mta mta mta 😲 this sound

  23. тварь противная как жрет

  24. Ilias 40 says:

    Show how you kill the animal to eat them

  25. While the little boy was eating his cute dimple shoes. Super adorable

  26. YUHENG LU says:

    Can you stop clickbaiting us!?!? Making the animals look big so you could get views…

  27. Maru Acuña says:

    Por que exageran tanto con el tamaño 🙄

  28. Danae Rojas says:

    Nada que ver que maten animales cara que ellos coman

  29. Qué raro que no se comieron el perro

  30. lola honey says:


  31. Dc Threz says:

    I showed this to my dog

    Now he's a hot dog

  32. Estos salvajes pareciera que no han comido en días

  33. Enzo Sanchez says:

    De la nada te sacan una olla los loco y atras una verduleria

  34. Angela Lee says:

    When you want them to shut up, you just eat the fuckers.

  35. Eric W says:

    why is everything they eat is soup?

  36. 8:13 – Y’all sure are hungry… damn 😩😂

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