Clear Acne & Scars NATURALLY | 5 Simple Recipes

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50 Responses

  1. jub8891 says:

    your skin looks great. mine is terrible and nothing i do seems to work. i believe it all starts from the inside but it's too hard to manage stress and drink enough water etc.

  2. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for this video, it's really helpful. I love skincare videos. I was wondering if the next time you could show us some natural exfoliating mask. Thank you again, hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. If you have sensitive skin, don’t put cinnamon in the coffee one, I’ve put cinnamon on my face and got a terrible red rash

  4. Hi girl I really want to see a video on how to get rid of under eye circles. I have legit black bags under my eyes since I was a kid. Maybe I can’t get rid of them completely but I would love to see a concentrated video on how I could get my eye circles reduced ❤️🌛

  5. oh I wanna try the nutmeg mask! These all look amazing. I love diy-ing skincare products when I can. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Maggie Lewis says:

    this was amazing. you are a breath of fresh air.

  7. Kate Roman says:

    I love the new style of your videos. I also love these tips. I'll for sure try some of them! <3

  8. Anzoo sun says:

    Is it raw or cooked potato?

  9. Top 5 products for skin care (day & night) , make up, hair care, body care, home care, wardrobe pieces. cystic acne sufferer for five years, randomly broke out at age 20 and haven’t found cure, diet slightly help but did not cure

  10. Thea Goulas says:

    I would LOVE more clean beauty videos!

  11. Laura Parra says:

    Could you please do the video of products and chemicals to stay away from? Also I can't wait for the RMS beauty video !!!

  12. The face masks look amazing! And affordable:) I'm excited to try them!

  13. Stacey says:

    Do you have an alternative to using honey?

  14. what moisturiser do you use to finish it all of…thank you for the videos your skin is GLOWING GIRL 🙂

  15. Awesome I'm watching from Bangladesh

  16. Hey Sarah! This video was very helpful 😊 Could you please make a video about combating blackheads? I really struggle with those on a daily basis 🙁

  17. Your skin 😍 in love with your videos! I keep rewatching them over and over again 😊❤️

  18. Woww!! Your skin is beautifulll! I better follow these tips😂😂

  19. Mariam Nader says:

    Thank u so much 🙏💛

  20. hey guys i have an account called embraceyouracne on instagram and i am trying to create a more positive environment for people with acne and trying to normalize it instead of trying to get rid of it so if u can please go show some support!!

  21. JessicaMV749 says:

    You should watch the documentary "Stink!" on Netflix! It's really interesting and really makes you think twice about what ingredients are in our products 🤯

  22. Thank you. Awesome advice

  23. Vanessa s says:

    You are just an amazing person. You are an angel .

  24. if you're all about a natural/healthy lifestyle then girl you should get rid of your microwave!!! thanks for the vid!

  25. hannah x says:

    PLEASE do a video about the ingredients 😍

  26. Elif Kardeş says:

    I will try all of these guuurl 🌚

  27. SophieSeno says:

    DONT put lemon on your face its very photosensitive it can burn you

  28. Decided to do the inversions while watching the rest of the video 😛 thanks for this Sarah loved it!

  29. Nutmeg and honey actually works so well!

  30. Daniela says:

    WHAT A GREAT VIDEO! I use a similar mask to clear my acne: 1tsp of honey, 1tsp of lemon juice, 1/2tsp of nutmeg and 1/2tsp of cinnamon and it works wonders on my skin plus it feels amazing and so soft afterwards. Skincare really is about using as little as possible/as much as needed. And nature really has it all. The toxic chemical stuff we can buy so easily creates a vicious circle and makes it even worse – just like all the medication out there. Plus if we make things ourselves we actually know what's in there. Tbh I don't really trust the industry – it's all about the money and not exactly in the best interest of a human being's health. I believe nature has it all it's all just right before our eyes but we don't see it right away because the industry blinds us and distracts us from it. Sometimes a step back to basics is all that we need.

  31. Yuzy says:

    More skincare and recipes please :3

  32. /! Hy Sarah Therese! /!
    I discover youre videos few month ago and I appreciate them so much…😍
    But… Cinnamon? Are you really shure?🤔 Actually, this ingredients has great benefits but It can be dangerous for some people…
    I remember that a French youtuber share a recipe of a mask with cinnamon (in majority in it)… She's one of the biggest youtuber girl that we have in France, So few times after she shared this recipe, some girls where terrified because cinnamon irritate their skins very much : they had an allergy reaction. It became a scandal after that, they talked a lot about that on social media and tv, etc.

    Perhaps in youre recipe (because it's only a pinch) it wouldn't be a problem but I prefer to write this to be sure… Be careful with cinnamon, it's not the best for everyone😅 Test this ingredient before to apply on your skin face

    Hope this would be helpful and that I'm clear, sorry if I made some mistakes in this message (but you know it… French people are so bad for learning a new language😂)

  33. Imaan N says:

    Thank you so much❤.I will definetely try all the masks and exercises that you mentioned.I tried the honey and nutmeg mask and it made my skin look and feel so much better.
    ❤You are such a natural beauty❤

  34. Vegan Vibes says:

    Hey Sarah! I know you disabled the comments etc on your most recent video about veganism so I am leaving a reply here. The youtube channel called Unnatural Vegan made a response to your video that just provides a different perspective and is not judgmental, mean, rude, etc like I’m sure many other vegans responses may have been. I think you would really enjoy watching it, as I did. Please please please consider it, I can tell that you have a very negative view of vegans and veganism so far which is unfortunate because many vegans do care about issues you mentioned in your video, such as locally produced plant foods and fast fashion. Thank you in advance if you decide to watch the vid xxx

  35. Some of your positions we do in our prays try to know more about Muslims prays

  36. WOW! So thrilled y'all are liking this video! Will be doing more skincare videos, and more dedicated to fading actually scars and evening your skin tone. So important and makes a huge difference! Hugs hugs from me to you, rock on. ✌🏻

  37. Omg this came so perfect-timeddd

  38. Raychel Mac says:

    @Sarah Terese Thank you so so much for the potato and lemon juice recipe!! I struggle with dark purple scars on my right cheek and hormonal acne/textured skin on my jawline. I used the recipe last night and woke up this morning with extremely lighter scars and the texture on my jawline was almost gone. You’re an absolute blessing! I’ll be adding the recipe to my mask list ❤️

  39. if honey is heated (i think to abt the point where protein coagulates so >41 celcius) all the healing properties are ruined. and it is basically as effective as syrup. never ever heat honey when it is supposed to be used as more than a sweetener. it won't be effective.

  40. Can you film more faith related videos please? Such a helpful video by the way! 👏❤

  41. Smiler MC says:

    I learned so much new things! Thank you. I am definitely trying these out 😍

  42. Loved this!! I am trying so hard to slowly detox my beauty routine and move to "clean" beauty, especially my skincare 😊 I will be trying all of these masks!!

  43. You, Allana Davison, and Kathleenlights have the most beautiful green eyes

  44. yoshizie says:

    Can you make these in bulk batches? If so how long can they keep in the fridge? Really love this! For me I make my own sugar scrubs for my lips. For my skin as a general scrub I use baking soda, olive oil and honey. The coffee scrub that you have, I buy a similar product at Lush and I’m obsessed. Probably could save afew bucks by doing it myself lol. I really like your tip on the rosemary steam.

  45. Anna JDali says:

    I LOVE how your skin looks!!BEAUTIFUL 💖💖💖

  46. Anna JDali says:

    I think you are having a GIRL!!!Irrelevant but i just had a feeling and wanted to share!!Love you Sarah💖💖💖

  47. That glowing skin, oh my! ❤ I enjoy all your skin care combating acne.

  48. I love all your videos i will get married soon and i wanna be like you 😁

  49. Hola muchacha thank you for making this video HAPPYFRIENDS GIVING 😘❤

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