My Drunk Kitchen: Apple Cider Margaritas ft. Gigi Gorgeous! (Easy Cocktail Recipe!)

This week features an incredibly special guest… Gigi Gorgeous! Come hang out with us while we mix up a holiday cocktail that might be good and might be terrible! Apple Cider Margaritas!

Pre Order Gigi’s book:

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This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!

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41 Responses

  1. Dee Cohen says:

    Ive literally laughed out loud like st least 5x already. Too many “ine liners” here to even recount. Thank you my lovelies. I needed a laff today- esp after this early bs snow in NY and finding out jow much my heating bill is gonna be this winter. Bring on the laffs n drinks, my friends!!! clink 🍻🍷

  2. Dee Cohen says:

    If Gigi hasnt seen “Butter yo shit” (aka my happiest “gateway” into youtube one couldve ever wished for)- puh-lease make her watch. OG HH fans would all agree its a Must See!!!

  3. Alex Q says:

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO i need so much more of you together! Cooking channel please!

  4. Lindsay H says:

    Cider is just apple juice with cinnamon, warmed up.

  5. Lisa Lynn says:

    I need a new Hannah book. I want one that is more real. I'm hooked

  6. B.R. V. says:

    I feel like that’s a lot of cinnamon on the rim 😂

  7. Luka Kitchen says:

    I keep for getting gigi is from canada. You two need a pod cast together.

  8. Ramy says:

    I thought this was YDAD?

  9. It is confirmed that Gigi and (possibly?) Hannah did cocaine before shooting this video.

  10. Ramy says:

    Hannah is older but looks younger.

  11. According to Google

    "Apple juice and apple cider are both fruit beverages made from apples, but there is a difference between the two. Fresh cider is raw apple juice that has not undergone a filtration process to remove coarse particles of pulp or sediment. It takes about one third of a bushel to make a gallon of cider."

  12. Madison Ann says:

    omg if only we could see a clog of them havin fun and partyin that would be awesome haha

    ps love you so much hannah, I have a signed first edition of Buffering and I love it and u mwah

  13. This was too cute! Gigi and Hannah's screen chemistry was so great and full of positive energy! They should def do more collabs!

  14. omfg Gigi is so hilarious. Also I didn't realize Nats was THAT Getty. Shiet. Go Gigi, go Gigi, go.

  15. This was cute and there was no goddamn cheese for once.

  16. taberlangley says:

    Hannah said pour-a-rino and it reminds me of Murderinos 🖤

    SSDGM 🖤

  17. UMICL says:

    I’d love to see Mamrie react to this 🤣

  18. kc1130tw says:

    This was hilarious…always love the drunk kitchen. You two are a great hosting duo, keep it up!

  19. “Look at that rim” yeah you really did a good JOB 👏🏻 XD

  20. JRSiebz says:

    Why was the drink being made out of frame? That was weird.

  21. kemmayr says:

    oooooooh I'm now very thirsty 👍🍸

  22. first! a third of tequila! fills half the glass

  23. A collab in the year of our lord 2018? I'm shook and very happy.

  24. lol I remember when Gigi use to only be known (to some people) as the chick from Shane Dawson's short film

  25. Erin Gilliam says:

    I think youtube just trolled? The add before this was for VS. Gross. Love booooth of you💕💕💕

  26. Ben Bagley says:

    Not a mixologist? You have an awesome cooking show with alcohol. You are a mixologist to me lol

  27. Hannah, I've been watching consistently from the beginning. And, I will never stop. You are legend.

  28. Tequila noir, find out who your true friends are ♫

  29. kamuiems says:

    they get along so well 🙂

  30. LetsBeClear says:

    Add an orange and some clove

  31. Sid Drees says:

    Bring her back again sometime in the future! You and her work very well together.

  32. angeblack10 says:

    Hannah. Are you on a step stool? If you are, that’s so cute.

  33. Bunny Marie says:

    Cider and margaritas are my favorite things!

  34. MewWolf5 says:

    It's been so long since I've seen a video Gigi that I didn't recognize her in the thumbnail.

  35. The collab I didn't know I needed! You guys are hilarious together!

  36. sparkkitten says:

    “Puts hair on your chest” “please nOo” lmao

  37. Gregory Gold says:

    She's cool, but she'd look better without all the makeup and fake eyelashes

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