Just 10 minutes enough,yummy instant tea time snack recipe/ Easy Evening snack recipe

Hi friends. Here I am sharing a wonderful snack recipe . An easy ,quick recipe just 10 minutes is enough for preparing this recipe. This is a healthy recipe too, as the main ingredients are banana and wheat flour. Just try and give your wonderful feedback’s 😊👍🏻


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38 Responses

  1. Good sweet ponda
    Cooking idea and thanks

  2. Madam we can do in maida also

  3. Very delicious snack my kids favourite sweet 😘😘😘

  4. Kalish Ramya says:

    my favourite sweet thanks for sharing

  5. S S LATHA says:

    Super Mam yummy….

  6. ஹாய் சிஸ்டர் ஸ்வீட் அப்பம் சூப்பர்

  7. ஹாய் சிஸ்டர் ஸ்வீட் அப்பம் சூப்பர்

  8. Epo dhan ninachan innum varaliyeanu superb ma innikku try panitu soldran

  9. Johnsi Rani says:

    Super yummy sweet ponda sis.

  10. சூப்பர் 👌👌👌 . சுவையான வாழை பழம் போண்டா அருமை . நன்றி சகோதரி 👏

  11. Very nice tasty Yammy recipe kavitha mam👌👌👍👍🤜💖💕💕

  12. huzain says:

    Oru snack, neraye peru, Akka neenga super.
    Simple recipe👍

  13. Madhu Mozhi says:

    hi mam.. superb recipe.. what can be used instead soda?

  14. M. ramani says:

    Super mam I will try mam sure

  15. Shamili T says:

    Super ma….. Yummy

  16. Bavi .U says:

    Speaking wit smile super sisi..

  17. Radhika R says:

    today evening snack saynchuparthen en childrens virumbhi saaptangga super mam

  18. Instant wheat kachaayam…….yummy kavi

  19. Hi mam innaiku en pasangaluku senju koduthen rompa nalla erundhadhu nanga maidha mavildhan senchu erukom but eppadhan first time kodhumai mavil senchu koduthen super mam

  20. Yes madam Maida is bad wheat is good I will try in wheat itself thank you

  21. Super. .good. just subbed, hope you also sub +bell support me

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