Instant easy nei appam recipe in Tamil

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Easy and Instant Nei appam made using millet flour, over riped banana and brown sugar, easy recipe for bachelors and working women. – Makes 18 nei appams
Thinai maavu 1/2 cup

Wheat flour 1 tblsp

Rice flour 2 tblsp

Brown sugar 1/2 cup

Over riped banana 1

Coconut or coconut bits 2 tblsp

Cardamom powder 2 pinches

Salt a pinch

Ghee as needed (to make appams)

Water 2-3 tblsp
In a mixie jar add the thinai maavu,wheat flour, rice flour, brown sugar and banana.
Grind this into a fine paste.
No need to add any water.
The moisture of the banana and brown sugar will do the job.
Once done transfer to a bowl.
Add 2-3 tblsp of water.
Mix well to make a idli batter consistency.
Do not add more water.
Rest this for 1-3 hours. You can start making the appam immediately too.
Add coconut, cardamom powder and a pinch of salt.
You can add coconut bits instead of grated coconut.
Fill the paniyaram pan with generous ghee.
Pour in the batter in all the holes.
Cook this in a medium low flame.
Once it is cooked on one side, flip the appams.
If it is not properly cooked while your are flipping it will mess up.
Wait patiently and flip the appams.
Drizzle some more ghee to this.
Cook on the other side.
Once done, take it out.
Nei appams are ready for neivedyam.
Repeat the same for the rest of the batter.

Ensure the batter is not too hard or too watery. Idli batter consistency is perfect.
No need to add baking soda to this recipe, as over riped bananas will make it softer.
If you do not get thinai maavu in your country, then replace it with rice flour.
Thinai Nei appams stayed soft for more than 5 hours.


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