11 Quick & Easy Christmas Cookie & Dessert Recipes

Panda can’t imagine Christmas without cookies and desserts, they’re essential for the holiday season! And with all these amazing recipes this Christmas might be the sweetest of them all. From classic gingerbread cookies to unseen desserts – everyone will feel inspired to make some festive treats this year!

00:00 – 01:06 Candy Filled Snowman Cookies
01:07 – 01:36 Strawberry Christmas Tree
01:37 – 02:33 Cherry Truffles
02:24 – 03:23 Biscuit Christmas House
03:24 – 04:03 Gingerbread Man With Heart Cookies
04:04 – 05:07 Caramel Cinnamon Rolls
05:08 – 06:25 Gingerbread Candy Jar
06:26 – 07:22 Chocolate Peanut butter & Cherry Cookies
07:23 – 08:52 Christmas Elf & Snowman Macaroons
08:53 – 09:28 Gingerbread Candy Cane Man Cookies
09:29 – 11:18 Gingerbread Christmas Tree

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  5. The Christmas tree strawberry was rotten

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    Se ven 😋 deli like si te gustan estos videos

  7. Mňam to.musi byť výborné moje mama také róby ale dozvedela sa to od vás tak tomje super že takéto niečo natačate 😻❤️

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  9. I love…

    Meetballs!!! (2:07)

    Ps. Fantastic creavity but how are you gonna be able to eat that when its a big biscuit it wont fit in your mouth, when you bite it, it will explode everywhere.

  10. This is like a knockoff version of yummy and troom troom

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    This took me so long😂

  13. I'am muslem from tunisia but still love americans and chrismas

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  15. For every like this gets I'll add a cookie


  16. One is from "So Yummy"🙎🙎

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    I love the cookies with a Heart

  18. Oli Loli says:

    Another 5 min crafts like if u agree

  19. click this button twice it will turn blue them grey
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  20. Copycat 5-minute craft

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    I love your emojis 😍❤

  24. None of them were quick or Easy

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