How To Make 8 Desserts in 1 Sheet Pan with Alvin

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50 Responses

  1. Maria emi says:

    No hate but he’s speaking as if he just made up a new mathematical equation or has made the greatest achievement of all time

  2. Kapoownug says:

    People are complaining that they are repeating recipes but there are people like me who recently subscribed to the channel and have never seen it before. .

  3. Lava Cakes says:

    My god they need new content 😅😅

  4. Foo Bar says:

    Youtube's guidelines prohibit reposting content that you be already posted because its spam

  5. Blue Milk says:

    Just admit you love the dessert you dont have to make 2000 videos about it

  6. Kingingg C says:

    Chile I seen this video so many times. New material plz

  7. Martha Uribe says:


  8. And now back to cooking with Alvin

  9. when you thought that your friend would get over that one boyfriend that she dated a year ago but no

  10. xxarmanix says:

    y'all are so mean omg just ignore the video if you've seen it omg. not all of us have seen this yet

  11. Skye Chan says:

    I've seen this video before and all I could think was;
    "Wow, it's the cure for OCD!"

  12. Tolzie O says:

    Old video…..seen this months ago. 😕

  13. Literally the most milked tasty video…

  14. theklewerz says:

    Should've made him told us the viewers tips n tricks on making this. Was all the dough chilled? Tips to make brownie batter that was thick so it won't spread out much, etc. Not just commentary -_-

  15. Same video over again. Get some new ideas

  16. Alexis Dahl says:

    I know that this is a repeated video but I do love Alvin!

  17. A.J.Johnson says:

    What? AGAIN?! Like… REALLY?

  18. Miko YumYum says:

    I can't wait to make this.

  19. Kamekazi says:

    Hasnt this been uploaded already?

  20. Ugh I need to stop seeing this video…or else I’m gonna make/eat the whole thing by myself🤤😋

  21. Hi I’m Alvin and today I’m going to show you how to use the exact same recipe I’m about 15 different videos 😃

  22. Just pour eight types of salt on it

  23. My guy took the same film but did a voiceover… boi


  25. mikin Casi says:

    Unless you do this for a living.. I don't think people have time or patience make 8 (1/8 ) recipes at the same time…

  26. Mr Boo Man says:

    Comment your favourite Nikki, Alix Rie or Alvin

  27. When I see Alvin, I click

  28. I’m just scrolling down the comments reading comments saying their so out of content and I’ve seen this same video 99 times lol the comments were more entertaining than the actual video 😂

  29. rodjk says:

    mudou minha vida

  30. Oh oh yes

    Lol I'm bad at it

  31. Sophia Cruz says:

    Still looks good and maybe he didnt do it the last time

  32. Linda Tonkin says:

    Looks so yummy! I'm going to try to make this.

  33. Gus Vasquez says:

    “Slide into my DMs”


  34. Hello Friend……..Good morning…………… Have a Nice Day

  35. Why not just try asking for your viewer's recipes?

  36. bassboost says:

    I love how creative and meticulous this is

  37. Aden Padilla says:

    can this be done without Alvin?

  38. If Alvin wasn't in this. I would skip this. Thank God for Alvin😍

  39. I have seen this video a ton…..
    But I still love it!

  40. Jenny v3 says:

    Wtf happend with his hair

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