Berry Banana Oatmeal | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Healthy Recipes | The Art Of Loving Food

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But this recipe seems to be a winner all day long. Today I am going to make an uber healthy recipe and its called the Berry Banana Oatmeal. High on fibre, enriched with nuts and filled with berries, this oatmeal dish is going to keep you fuller for longer and the best part is, it is made with Nutralite, which has 0% Cholesterol and is rich in Omega-3.
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50 Responses

  1. Yummy !!
    Love ur channel ❤️❤️💕 💕

  2. Swasth raho mast raho 💕

  3. Hi mam …!!
    You make every time so nice food and your English and dance is mind blowing

  4. Zabi Butt says:

    App films kab karo gi

  5. Why dont you share some yoga tips or just simple exercise for pregnancy like in each semister

  6. Shilpa di. . yencha yellaar..?! Very nice recipe😊👌😍

  7. STUDY TIME says:

    Mam kabhi to reply kiya karo

  8. SHIFA KHAN says:

    Looking yummy😋😋

  9. Rabiya Manaf says:

    We can add only egg white?

  10. very nice and healthy maam

  11. Lekin Ghalot says:

    healthy recipes shilpa mam

  12. Tasty yummy dish thx mam farhana hamed

  13. Tabi MJ says:

    lots of love…..

  14. Almin Yesmin says:

    Hi Shilpa jii I like ur talking style…

  15. Anju Pipalwa says:

    I also want to know about egg is white are better or brown egg

  16. Nidhi Thakur says:

    I love your channel. Your recipe is super

  17. Kavya kumari says:


  18. Never break an egg directly into dish whatever you making, you never know if the egg is bad/spoiled inside

  19. chor raj kundra ki chor biwi

  20. Amna Ahmed says:

    I love you so much you are so cute😘😘😘😘

  21. hai shilpa please give the recipe in description box it will be helpful

  22. Astha Yadav says:

    a very nice recipe like u

  23. Thank you.shilpa for a tasty diet recipe

  24. rmm mm says:

    Hello…did u use rolled oats?

  25. Fouzia Aslam says:

    Super recipe like always. Love it

  26. Pranavi jain says:

    y baking powder 😕

  27. Substitute of maple syrup????

  28. ojas jha says:

    Hi can you make a video on how to decrease weight……………….. Mam I am ur big supporter😃

  29. SUNIL Kumar says:

    Hi Shilpa g main aap ki bahut buddy fan main aapke saree video dekhta hoon aur banana ki koshish Karta Hoon aapke saree dishes bahut He tasty and healthy Hote Hain ok thank you

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